Many men of God were with Elisha and the place they lived was too small so they found a spot to build a bigger place to live.

One man of them borrowed an axe and while he was using it to cut wood for the house, the iron part fell off into some deep water.







So the man ran to Elisha and told him what happened.


Elisha used God’s power and cut a stick to throw into the water where the iron part fell and the iron part swam up to the top of the water and the man took it and fixed the borrowed axe.


When the king of Syria came to make war against Israel, Elisha told Israel’s king the plans so that Israel escaped.


After this happened a few times, the king of Syria asked who in his camp was telling his plans to the king of Israel.






His men told him, Elisha the prophet in Israel tells the king of Israel everything about you, even what you say in your bedroom.




So the king of Syria sent spies to find out where Elisha was staying and they came back and told the king, He is in the town called Dothan.

Then the king of Syria sent chariots and men on horses by night to surround the city to capture Elisha.




When Elisha’s servant got up early, he went outside the house and saw the city surrounded by a big army of chariots and soldiers on horses.

He ran back inside and told Elisha and said, What can we do? Elisha said, Don’t be afraid. We have a bigger army with us than them.



Then Elisha prayed, Lord, Open his eyes to see Your army with us. So the Lord opened the young man’'s eyes and he saw the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire surrounding Elisha.


When the soldiers came to take Elisha, Elisha prayed to God, I ask that you strike this people with blindness.



And the Lord God made the soldiers blind so they couldn’t take Elisha.


The Elisha said to them, This is not the place, go this way. And Elisha led them away to another country,  to Samaria.



Then Elisha prayed to the Lord God, Open the eyes of these men so they can see.






So the Lord opened their eyes and the soldiers saw that they were in the middle of Samaria.





The king of Israel asked Elisha, Should I attack these soldiers?


Elisha said, Would you kill captives that you have taken? No, be kind to them. Give them food and water and send them to their home country, to their own king.

So the soldiers from Syria ate and went home and stopped coming into Israel to make war.