In the north part of Israel, king Jehu’s son, Jehoahaz, became the king.




He followed the bad ones and caused bad things to happen to the people.

The Lord became angry about this and sent a mean king from another country to rule over His people in north Israel.


But when Jehoahaz the king prayed to the Lord God, the Lord God answered and sent someone to save them from the bad king.

Then the people lived good, quiet lives like before when God’s was with them, and causing good things to happen to them.

But they kept on doing bad things. They were bowing down to the golden calves instead of following after the Lord God who made heaven and earth and made us.




Then, when Jehoahaz died, his son Joash, was the king over God’s people.


He also followed the bad ones so life wasn’t as happy like God wanted it to be for the people.





Then Elisha got real sick. He called the king of Israel to him.

When the king came to him the king cried and cried and said, The chariot of Israel and the horsemen of Israel because the king knew that the Lord God was coming for Elisha to take him to paradise.

Elisha said, Take your bow and arrow. So the king took his bow and arrows. Elisha put his hands over the king’s hand, putting God’s power in the bow and arrows to defeat the enemies of Israel. Then Elisha said, Shoot. So the king shot an arrow out the window toward the east.


Elisha said, The arrows of the Lord’s deliverance from the king of Syria. You will strike them until they are all gone.

Then Elisha said, Hit the arrows against the ground. So the king took the arrows and hit them against the ground three times.


Elisha was angry. He said, You should have hit the ground five or six times. Now you will only win three times against the enemy.



God put so much power in Elisha that when he died and they buried him, his body touched another dead man, and that dead man stood up and lived.

The bad king of Syria still pressed hard on the children of Israel. But the Lord God gave much good help to Israel because of the promises He had made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Three times Israel’s armies fought against Syria and won the battles and they took back some cities that Syria had stolen from them.