But, will God truly live on the earth? You are so big that you fill all the heavens and the heaven above the heavens.


Keep watching this house and listen to your people who turn to this place, hear in heaven and answer their prayers.



Forgive them and do good things for those who do right and bad things to those who do bad.

When the bad ones are pressing down hard on your people because they have sinned against You and they turn again to You and say You are their God and pray to You in this house, then hear them in heaven and forgive their sin and bring them back to this land You gave to their fathers.

When the heaven stops its rain because your people have sinned against You if they pray toward this place and say that You are their God and turn away from the bad things they are doing when You bring trouble on them, then hear in heaven and forgive their sin and teach them the good path to walk in and give them rain on Your land that You have given your people for their own place to live forever.

If there is no rain to make food grow from the ground or if bugs eat the crops or if bad ones come to take our stuff, whatever thing anyone asks of all your people, Israel, hear from heaven where you live and forgive.

Give back to every man what he has done because You know what is inside all our hearts. You know what is inside the hearts of all the children of men.





Do this so that all people will fear You and honor You all the days of their lives that you give them in the land that You gave to our fathers.

Also, people from other countries that hear how great You are and how strong You are, whatever they may ask of You, hear in heaven where You live and do all that they ask of You so that all the people in the world may know You and honor You and live and have happy lives because it is You who made us and all the good things that we like come from You.


When Your people go out to battle where You send them, if they pray toward this city You have chosen and toward this house built for You, when You hear their prayer, do what they ask, help them.




If they sin against You, since there is no man that doesn’t sin,


and You are angry against them and give them into the hand of their enemy who takes them as servants to their land,

if they think about what they have done and turn back to you and pray saying, We have sinned and done bad things that the bad one says, and Your people make prayers to this house, Your house,

then hear in heaven and forgive all that they have done against You and give those who took them away to be kind to them because they are Your people that You brought out of the land of Egypt.

When Solomon finished praying he stood up and blessed all the people with a loud voice, saying, Happy is our God the Lord who has given His people rest just as He always promised by His servant Moses.





Not one thing has failed of all the good things the Lord promised by Moses.



The Lord our God be with us like He was with our fathers. Let Him not leave us or forsake us.


May He turn our hearts toward Him to walk in all this paths and keep all his words that He commanded our fathers.

Let these words I prayed be close to our God day and night to hold up our cause in this world so that all the people in the world may know that He is the Lord God who made and controls everything: there is no other god.







Let our hearts be perfect toward Him.






They made special parties for 14 days and showed many times the great love that God has for us by their offerings.

Then the king sent the people home with happy hearts for all the good things the Lord had done for their king David and for Israel, His people.