One time when the Lord God needed to help his people come back to Him by making them need to pray for food, Elisha told the woman who had helped him so much, to go to another country where there was plenty of food.

So the woman and her family and workers went to live in the land of the Philistines for 7 years.




When it was time to go home, they all went back to Israel.






When they got to Israel she went to the king to ask for her land back.





As she came in before the king, the king was asking Gehazi, Elisha'’s servant, about all the great things Elisha had done by God’s power.




Just at the exact moment when Gehazi was telling the king about how Elisha raised a dead boy back to life, the woman came in before the king.






Gehazi said, O King, this is the woman! And this is her son that Elisha brought back to life.

The king set one of his officers to give back to the woman all her land and all the money it had earned the seven years they were gone.

Though some of Israel's kings did many bad things, the Lord God did not destroy the city Jerusalem or the family of Judah.

The Lord did this because He was happy with David because David did what God said. Then the really good things God wanted to do for His people could happen.


So the Lord promised David that he would always have one of David's sons sit on Israel’s ruling throne  to rule over the Lord’s people.