So Solomon was king over Israel and he had many helpers. He set them all in a very wise order, each in their place.





He was over Israel and reigned over many other kingdoms, too.

There were many people in Israel, as many as the sand on the seashore



and they were very happy, eating and drinking and

dancing all the time.



Everyone had plenty of their own land to grow their own food.




and grapevines, and fig trees.




All the people lived without bad things happening. They were very safe. There were no bad ones coming to fight with them because God gave them peace.



God gave Solomon to know every right thing and a heart as big as all the sand on the seashore.





He was the wisest man in the world.






He knew about the biggest trees and the smallest plants.






He wrote many wise sayings and songs.



Kings came from all over the world to hear his wisdom.






Hiram, the king of Tyre who was David’s friend, sent gifts to Solomon when he was anointed king.

Solomon sent men back to Hiram saying, You know how my father David could not build a house for the Lord God because he had so many wars.



But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side. No bad thing from the bad ones is happening.

I plan to build the house for the Lord my God, as the Lord God told David that I would, saying, Your son, that I set on your throne, he will build me a house.

So, I ask you to have your men cut cedar trees for me from the forest of Lebanon. I will pay you whatever you ask. Let your men work with mine.

So they started to build the house for the Lord God, to show the world how great and special the Lord is, and how much He loves us.



And God gave Solomon wisdom like He said He would.



Solomon gave Hiram much wheat and oil as payment for the work. Many men did the work.





They cut great stones and wood that smelled real good.


The men worked on the house a month and went home to do their own work for two months, until the house was finished.