When it came time for Elijah to go be with God in heaven, Elijah didn’t die like most men. God sent a wind whirling around that lifted Elijah up into heaven.





Before he left, he was walking with his servant, Elisha,




and they came to the Jordan River.


Elijah folded his coat and hit the water of the river with the coat and the water split in two and they walked crossed over the river on dry ground.

When they were across the river Elijah asked his servant, What blessing can I give you before I go?




His servant Elijah said, Let two times the power, double the Spirit, that is on you be on me, to do miracles (the things that only God can do).

Elijah said, You have asked a hard thing. If you see me when I am taken up from you, then you will have what you asked.

As they were walking along and talking, a chariot of fire appeared from heaven and went between them separating them and a whirlwind caught Elijah up into heaven.




As Elijah was taken up, his coat fell back to the ground.

Elisha picked up the coat and went back to the Jordan River and folded the coat and struck the water and the waters split apart and Elisha walked across on dry ground.



In his life, Elisha did two times the miracles that Elijah had done.


The men of God who were with Elisha found a good place to live but nothing would grow from the ground because the water was bad.

Elisha said, bring me a new bowl and put salt in it. Then Elisha went to the spring of water and threw the salt into the water spring. And the waters were healed, as Elijah had said.

The new king, Jehoram, son of Ahab, took charge over Israel and he did bad in God’s eyes, but not as bad as his father Ahab because he took away some of the statues that his father bowed down to.

But he still bowed down to the golden calves that king Jehu had made that tricked the people away from God and His good things.

Some people in another country that the king was in charge over turned away from him after his father, Ahab, died and wouldn’t let him rule over them, so he sent a letter to Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah, the other part of God’s people, asking him to come help take back the people that went away.

After seven days marching there was no water for them or their animals to drink. The people thought that the Lord brought them together to kill them.




But Jehoshaphat said, Isn’t there a prophet of the Lord here? Let’s ask the Lord. So they called Elisha and he came to them.


He said to Jehoram, I only came because Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah is here. I will have nothing to do with you because you are for the bad ones. Go ask them.

Then he had someone play music. When the music began to play the hand of the Lord came on Elisha and Elisha spoke God’s words.




This is what the Lord says, Dig ditches all over this valley.


For the Lord says, You will not see wind or rain, but this valley will be full of water so that you and you horses can drink.

The Lord will do that small thing for you and He will give these people back into your hand.

In the morning, when they were singing to God, remembering God’s great love for them, the water came and the country was filled with water and all the men and horses had plenty to drink.

Then God caused the sun to shine on the water. It looked like blood to the other army, and they thought the two kings of Israel had killed each other.

They ran charging in to steal all their stuff and Israel fought with them and won the battle as the Lord had said.