As Elisha was going about doing what God sent him to do, he kept passing by a great woman’s house.




The woman told her husband, I know this man who passes by our house is a holy man of God.


Let’s build a room for him on the side of our house so that he can stop here and rest on his way. So they built the room and put a bed and table and chair and candlestick in the room for the man of God.





One day when Elisha and his servant, Gehazi, were resting in the room, Elisha asked what he could do for the woman who had been so kind to him.

Gehazi, the servant who traveled with Elisha said, the woman has no children and her husband is old.

So Elisha called the woman and asked her what kind thing he could do for her. She told him that she was at peace living among her people and there was nothing he could do for her.







Elisha told her, At the time of life, you will hold your own son in your arms.

It happened like Elisha said, The Lord gave the woman and her husband a baby boy.





When the boy was growing up, one day in the field his head began to hurt.





He father sent him back to the house to his mother. She held the boy on her lap until the middle of the day and then the boy died.





The woman took the boy and lay him on Elisha’s bed and went quickly to Elisha.



When Elisha saw her coming far down the road he told his servant, hurry to the child, don’t stop to talk with anyone. When you get there, lay my walking stick on the child and he will come back to life.







But the woman wouldn’t leave Elisha, but made him come back home with her.



Gehazi hurried on ahead and lay Elisha’s walking stick on the boy, but nothing happened, the boy was still dead.

When Elisha got to the woman’s house he went into his room and closed the door behind him and went beside the boy and prayed to the Lord to sent back the boy’s life.



Then he put his eyes on his eyes and hands on his hands until the boy’s body became warm.






The boy stretched himself and sneezed seven times and life was back in him.



When the woman came in and saw her son alive, she fell down at Elisha’s feet and bowed.