King Hezekiah died when his time to be on earth was over and His son named Manesseh ruled over Israel.






Manesseh was only 12 years old when he sat on Israel’s ruling throne in charge over all the nation. He was Israel’s king for 52 years.



He followed the bad one and did many bad things bringing hurt on God’s people.



He ruined the good things that his father, Hezekiah, had done.

Because the king did bad things, and the king was the leader of the people, the king led the people to do bad things.


The Lord God said by His prophets, Because Manesseh the king has done these bad things, I am bringing so much of their bad back on them that the people who hear about it, it will make their ears tingle.



I will wipe this nation clean like you wash out a dish and turn it upside down.


I will give these bad people into the power of the people who hate them, their enemies, who will take everything they have.


Because they make me so mad with all this bad stuff they do. I made everything good. And all this bad stuff hurts everyone.





Manesseh has killed so many people who did nothing wrong that Jerusalem is full of their blood.






When Manesseh was dead, his son Amon was king.




He also followed the bad ones and did much bad, bowing down to them.




He turned his back on the Lord God of his fathers and did not walk in the path of the Lord.






So his servants plotted and killed him.


Then the people of the land killed those who killed the king and made Josiah Amon’s son the king in his place.