After Jesus told His followers about coming back to be in them, He took them across the brook to a garden where they went lots of times before.

The one who sold Jesus to the leaders led the leaders to the garden to get Jesus to kill Him. They came with torches and swords.

Jesus knew what was going to happen and He went to them and said, Who are you looking for? They said, Jesus of Nazareth. When Jesus told them, I AM Him, His words had so much power that the men all fell backwards to the ground. Jesus told them, I am the one you want. Let these other people with me go away home. Then Peter took out a sword and tried to split one of the men’s head down the middle but missed and cut off the man’s ear.

Jesus said to Peter, Put away that sword. Don’t I have to do what the Father sent Me to do? Then the leaders took Jesus and tied Him up and took Him to the high priest, the one who said it was good if one man die for all the people, so they could live.

The high priest asked Jesus about who He was and what He told the people. Jesus said, I talked out in front of everyone to the world. I was always teaching in the temple and the church houses. I didn’t say any words in secret. Ask the ones I talked to. They will tell you what I said.


Then one of the priests leaders smacked Jesus across the face, Don’t talk to the priest like that, he said. Jesus said, If I said a bad thing, tell Me what it was. If not, why do you hit Me?

Then they took Jesus to the Roman leader. The Romans were in charge over Israel then. The Roman leader asked, What did He do? They told him, If He wasn’t bad we wouldn’t have brought Him to you. You don’t let us kill anyone and this one should die.

The Roman leader asked Jesus, Are you the king of the Jews? Jesus said to him, Did someone tell you that I am, or do you think it yourself? The leader told Jesus, I’m not one of you Jews, What bad thing did you do? Jesus told the man, My kingdom is not from this world. If it was, My followers would fight. The man asked Jesus, So you are a king then? Jesus told him, You say I am a king. That’s the reason I was born into this world, to show the truth. The ones who are of the truth hear My words. The man asked Jesus, What is truth?

Then the man went out and told the leaders of the Jews, I can’t find anything wrong with this man. But I always let go a prisoner for you at Passover time. Shall I let go the King of the Jews? Then the people all shouted, NO! Give us back Barrabas. Barabbas was a robber.

The leader let go the robber and took Jesus and had the soldiers whip Him. They put a purple kings robe on Jesus and a crown made from long sharp thorns and made fun of Him by bowing down like He was the king. Then they slapped Him with their hands. When Jesus was all beat up, the Roman leader took Jesus out to the people again and said, I find no bad thing in this man. The people yelled loud, Crucify Him, Kill Him! The leader said, You take Him and do it. I don’t find any bad thing in Him.

The leaders of the Jews said, We have a law that says He needs to die because he said, I am the Son of God. When Pilate heard this he was more scared.  He asked Jesus, Where are you from? But Jesus didn’t say anything back. Pilate said, Don’t You know that I have the power to kill you? Jesus said, You could have no power at all if it isn’t given to you from heaven. The ones who gave Me to you are doing something more bad than you.

Right then the Roman leader tried hard to let Jesus go and calm down the people, but they yelled, If you let Him go you aren’t a friend of the highest Roman king.

Then they took Jesus out of the town to a hill called the skull and nailed Him to a cross of wood between two robbers with Jesus in the middle between them. They put a sign over Him that said, The King of the Jews.

Soldiers played cards to see who won Jesus clothes. That is one of the signs told a long time before in the special writings about the promised One.





Jesus’ Mom and other ladies stood watching and Jesus told one of His followers, called John, to take care of her like she was his Mom.

After Jesus finished taking all the spanking for all people ever, He drank some sour wine on a sponge they gave to Him and then He bowed His head and let His Spirit go out of His body.

Later that day the soldiers broke the legs of the two robbers so they would die quicker, but they didn’t break Jesus’ legs because He was already dead. One of the soldiers took a spear and put it through Jesus heart and out came the blood and water.





I, John, who saw this, tell you that it is true. I tell you so you will believe in Jesus.

Then friends came and took Jesus body down from the cross and wrapped it in 100 pounds of myrrh and aloes and took His body to a garden and put Him in a new grave there carved out of the rock.

The first day of the week a lady who followed Jesus named Mary M. went early to the grave where Jesus was put and saw that the stone over the door of the grave was moved away. So she ran to tell Peter and John and said, They took the Lord away out of the grave and we don’t know where they put Him.


So Peter and John ran together to the grave and saw that the clothes were there but Jesus wasn’t in them. When they saw it they believed that God had raised Jesus up alive again from being dead.


They left then and went home but Mary stayed there crying. She stooped down and looked into the grave and saw two angels sitting there in white clothes. They said, Why are you crying? She told them, They took away my Lord and I don’t know where they put Him.

Then she turned away from the grave and saw Jesus standing there but didn’t know it was Him. Jesus said to her, Why are you crying? She thought he was the gardener and said, Tell me where you put Him and I will take Him away.

Jesus said her name, Mary, and she knew His voice. She turned and ran and hugged Jesus. He said to her, Don’t keep hanging onto Me now because I haven’t gone up to My Father yet. Go tell My brothers, I go up to My Father and your Father, to My God and your God.

So Mary went to tell the followers that she had seen Jesus and what He said.

That same day when the day the sun was gone down the followers were together shut into a room with the doors closed and Jesus just appeared there with them without coming in the door. He said, Peace, quiet stillness to you. Jesus showed them His hands and feet and the sword-mark in His side. They were so happy.

Jesus said, All the battle is done for you. You now don’t have fighting. I did it all for you and won against the bad ones. Like the Father sent Me, that is how I am sending you out to give My victory and peace to everyone in the world.

When Jesus said this He breathed the Holy Spirit on them and told them, Whoever you cancel their bad stuff it is cancelled and whoever you let their badness stay on them, it stays.

But a follower whose name was Thomas wasn’t there when Jesus came and when they told him he said, I won’t believe until I see the nail-marks and sword-mark. So after 8 more days the followers were together again and Thomas was with them and Jesus came into the room without coming through the door and He said to Thomas, come here and touch My nail-marks and put your hand in My side where the sword was and don’t be thinking it didn’t happen, know that I am back from being dead.

Thomas said to Jesus, My Lord and my God. Jesus told Thomas you believe because you have seen Me, but very happy are all the ones who believe Me and didn’t have to see Me first to believe.

Jesus did many others special signs in front of His followers that aren’t written but these are written down in words so you will believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that believing, you will live through Him.

After these things happened Jesus showed Himself again to the followers at the sea. Peter and the others had gone out fishing and fished all night but didn’t catch any fish. When the morning came, Jesus stood on the sand and said, Do you have any fish? They said, No. So Jesus said, Throw the net out on the right side of the ship and you will find some.




When they threw out the net and pulled it in again, it was so full they couldn’t pull it back into the boat.

Then Peter said, It is the Lord and Peter jumped into the water to go to Jesus. The other followers brought the boat, dragging the net along behind with 153 big fish in it.

Then Jesus gave them bread and fish cooked on a fire and the all ate.

Jesus asked Peter, Do you love me? Peter said, You know that I love you. Jesus told Peter, Feed My lambs. Jesus said the same thing 3 times and told Peter what would happen with his life.




Then Peter asked Jesus, What about John’s life? What will happen to him? Jesus told Peter, That’s not for you to know. You just keep following Me.

John is the one who told these things and showed they are true. Jesus did many more things. If they all were written down the world isn’t big enough to hold all the books.