The next day the leaders tied Jesus up and took Him away to the highest leader of the country.


The follower who sold Jesus, changed his mind and was sorry that he did it. He took the money back to the leaders and said, I did bad to the innocent one. They he went and hanged himself.


The leaders said, We can’t keep this money, so they went and bought a field to bury people in from other countries.

The top leader asked Jesus, Are you the king of the Jews? He asked Jesus lots of questions and was amazed that Jesus was so quiet and didn’t say anything. The leader didn’t find anything bad in Jesus and wanted to let Him go but the other leaders picked a really bad man to be let go instead.


The leader knew they were just jealous of Jesus. So he washed his hands in front of all the people and said, I won’t kill him. This man didn’t do anything bad. This is your fault!

Then soldiers took Jesus and took off his clothes and put a beautiful red robe on Him and a crown of sharp stickers on His head and beat him a lot and nailed Him up to a piece of wood stuck in the ground which is what they did to really bad people in those days.

They took and divided up his clothes to keep for themselves because they were really nice and they put a sign over Jesus’ head that said, This is Jesus, the King of the Jews.

They nailed up a robber on each side of Jesus and people went by Him making fun of him.

They said, Since you have all the power, come down from there now. They leaders said, They say He saved others but He can’t even save Himself. Come down from there and then we will believe that you are the Son of God.


Then the world got all dark from 12 noon to 3 o’clock in the afternoon. And Jesus was yelling out, My God, My God, Why have you left Me?

While Jesus was hanging there then the Father in heaven who made all of us, spanked Jesus instead of us for every bad thing we ever did, Jesus took all the spanking because His love for is so big. When it was all done, Jesus yelled real loud and then let His Spirit go out of His body, and it died.

Right then the Father in heaven tore the veil in the temple from the top to the bottom and opened up the door for everyone to come in and see Him whenever they want.





And dead people got up out of their graves and went into the holy city and showed themselves to many people.

The top soldier who was standing there saw everything that happened and the earth started shaking and he said, This really was The Son of God.

Then one of Jesus’ followers went to the top ruler and asked if he could take down and bury the body of Jesus. So he took it and wrapped it in clean linen cloths and put it in his own new grave that was cut in a rock wall. And they rolled a big stone in front of the door of the grave.

Some ladies who were following Jesus watched where they put His body and sat across from the grave.

The next day the leaders went and asked if they could put a guard at the grave. They said, Remember how Jesus said He would come back alive on the third day?



So they sealed the stone and put soldiers there to guard it to try to keep Jesus in there.


After 3 days when the new week started, two ladies who followed Jesus went to see the grave where they buried Jesus’ body.

There was a big shaking of the ground and an angel came down from heaven and rolled back the stone from the door of the grave and the angel sat down on the stone.




The angel looked as bright as lightning and his clothes were bright white like snow.

The guards started shaking when the saw the angel because they were so scared. They fell down like they were dead. The angel told the two women, Don’t be scared. I know you came to find Jesus.






He isn’t here because He was raised up from being dead. Come here and look at the place where the Lord was laying.

And go real fast to tell His followers that He is raised up from being dead and is going ahead of them into Galilee. You will see Him when you get there. See now, I have told you. So they ran away from the grave really happy and told the followers what the angels said.

As they were going on the way, Jesus met them and said, Hi everyone! They went to Him and hugged his feet and love Him in there hearts. Then Jesus said, Don’t be scared. Go tell My brothers they will see Me when they get to Galilee.

Some of the guards went into the city and told the leaders what happened and the leaders paid the guards lots of money to say that Jesus’ followers came and stole His body.



The guards took the money and told that lie to everyone.

11 of Jesus followers went away into Galilee to the mountain where Jesus said to meet Him.

When they saw Jesus alive again the bowed down and loved Him big in their hearts. But some weren’t sure that it was Jesus back from being dead.



Jesus came and told them, All power in heaven and earth is given to Me,

So go all over the world and teach all the people in all the countries and bring them into My kingdom in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and teach them to do everything I say. And know for sure that I am with you all the time even to the end of the world.