Jesus told another true thing to the people about the kingdom of heaven. He said, The kingdom of heaven is like a king that made a marriage for his son.  The king sent out his servants to call the ones he invited to come to the wedding, but they would not come. The king said, Go tell them that the best food is ready, Come!

But the people didn’t care and went about their farming work and went to the store to buy stuff. Some hit the king’s servants and some killed them. When the king heard about it he sent out his armies and got rid of all those bad ones and burned up their city. The king said, The ones I called weren’t good enough. But the wedding is ready, Go out and bring in people from everywhere and all along the road, anyone you can find, and bring them in.

So the wedding was full of guests. They all got beautiful clothes when they came in, but one man was sitting there in his old clothes. The servants asked, Why are you wearing that when the king gave you this beautiful coat to wear, but the man wouldn’t put it on, so they tossed him outside into the dark where they were crying real loud and mashing their teeth together.

Then the leaders made plan to trick Jesus into saying something bad so they could arrest him and kill him. One bunch of them came to Jesus and said, We know that you are a teacher who came from God and teach us the right stuff, so, Is it right to pay taxes to the king? Jesus knew their trick because He knows what’s in people’s hearts and he told them, Show me a piece of money. So they gave Him a piece of money. Then Jesus asked them, Whose picture is this? They said, the king’s. Then Jesus told them, Give the king what is for the king and give God what is for God. The leaders were amazed and went away.

Later that same day some other men came from different leaders trying to trick Jesus and said, Master, Moses told us that if a man dies and doesn’t have any children that his brother is supposed to marry the wife and make children with her so that the man will have his name keep going on through the years and future. So, there was this man who died without having any children and so the first brother married her and he died and they had no children and then the same thing happened for all 7 brothers, so whose wife is she going to be in heaven since she had all 7 of them for her husband?


Jesus told them, You guys are so wrong because you don’t know the special writings from God and you don’t know how much power He has because when all the people come back from being dead, no one get married but everyone is like the angels of God in heaven.

And about coming back from the dead, it will happen. Didn’t you read what was told you by God saying, I am the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God over dead ones, but living ones.

When the people heard this they were all very amazed. Then another leader asked Jesus, What is the biggest and most important thing that God told us to do. Jesus told him, To love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and great command. And the next one is to love your neighbor like you love yourself. All the rules God told you to do comes from these two rules.

While the leaders were still standing there, Jesus asked them, What about the coming One, whose Son is He? They told Him, The Son of David. Then Jesus said, Then why does David call Him the Lord when he said, The Lord told my Lord to Sit down at My right side until I make the ones who hate you to be the footstool under your feet?

If David calls Him Lord, then how can He his son? No one could tell the answer, which is that great special secret, that the Lord from heaven would be born inside a special little baby and grown up to be the one who saves everyone from the bad one and then be the King over everything. After that, no one asked Jesus any more questions.

Jesus told all the big bunch of people that were listening to Him, These leaders are sitting in Moses place and so you are supposed to do everything they tell you, but don’t do what they do. They say the right things, but they don’t do what is right. They put lots of hard work on other people but won’t even do the littlest thing. They do all their stuff to look important to other people like wearing special robes and taking the best chair at dinners. They like everyone to bow to them and call them special names.

But don’t you be called special names. One is your leader and you are all brothers. Don’t call anyone your dad because you have one Dad, the One who made you, who is in heaven. Don’t be called Master because only the special One is your Master. And you are all brothers. If you want to be the greatest one, then be the one who serves everyone most. If you lift yourself up, you will be brought down, but if you stay low then you will be lifted up high by the Lord.

Big cries of sadness to you leaders who shut the door to heaven and won’t let people go in. You don’t go in and you keep them from going in. You steal the food and clothes from widows and poor people and pretend to be good by making real long prayers. You will be spanked most. You false faces go all over everywhere trying to turn one person to you and then you make them 2 x as bad as you are, double children of hell. You lead people around, but you are blind.

You say that it is nothing to make promises by the temple but don’t make promises by the gold in the temple. But what is greater, the gold or the temple that holds the gold for God? You make stupid rules that you can promise by the altar but not the present on the altar. Only God makes the altar great and the temple great. If you make promises by heaven, that is promising by the very throne of God and the One who sits on it.

Big cries of sadness will be to you pretenders because you give 10th s of the herbs in your garden and then cheat people out of their living in court. You are blind as you lead people into hell. You choke on a tiny gnat and swallow a whole camel. You look good on the outside but are full of dead stuff. Wash the inside first and then the outside will be clean too.

You leaders are like beautiful white gravestones. You look good outside but are full of yukky dead bones. You say, We would have never hurt any of God’s men, but your keep the flowers in front of their graves showing that you are the kids of the ones who killed them. You tell on yourselves and fill up the bad stuff of your dads. O poison snakes, how can you get out of going to hell? I send men to tell you how to get out of going to hell and you kill them. All the bad stuff for doing this will come back on you now.

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, So many times I want to gather you in My arms like a hen gathers her little chickens under her wings, but you wouldn’t come. So your house is left sad and empty because you won’t see me again until you are saying, Happy is the One who comes with the Lord of all Glory living in Him.

Jesus left the temple and his followers said to Him, Look how good these buildings for You are. Jesus said, Not a single brick here will be left. Then they said, When will that happen? And what is the sign when you come back and when is the end of the world?

Jesus told them, Don’t let anyone trick you. Lots are going to come pretending to be Me and they will trick lots of people. You will hear about lots of bad stuff but don’t get scared because countries will fight each other and people won’t have enough to eat and their will be sickness and swarms of bugs and the world shaking in lots of places. This is the beginning of the birth of the new way of life from Me. The people of the bad one will say its your fault and hurt you, and lots of people will hate everyone. There will be lots of people telling everyone lies.

Then the true words about Me and how much I love everyone will be told all over the world and then the end will come. Whoever holds on tight to Me and waits to the end will be saved.

When you see the bad one put a statue of himself in My temple that Daniel told about, then the ones in Judea run and hide yourselves in the mountains. If you are out in the field or on top of your house, don’t go back to get your clothes or money, just run fast.

And pray that it isn’t on the rest day or in winter time because this will be the time of the most bad stuff that the world has ever had. I have to stop it then or no one would be saved but because of them I will stop it.

The bad ones will try their hardest to trick even My best ones. If someone tells you, Look, Jesus is out in the desert, don’t believe him or if they say, He’s hiding in this special room, come see Him, don’t listen to them because when I come that time it will look like lightning flashing across the sky from one side to the other.

The sun and moon will stop shining and the stars will fall out of heaven and all powers of the angels will be shaking. And then you will see My sign shining in the dark sky. All the people of the world will be sad and they will see Me coming in the clouds of heaven with much power and great shiny brightness.





And the Father will send His angels with a great blast of a trumpet and they gather all My people from all places all over the whole world, from the four winds of heaven.

When you see the first part of these things start to happen then you will know that it is close, like the leaves coming say its almost summertime. These people alive then will see it all happen. None of them will pass away until it is all done. Heaven and earth will pass away but My words won’t ever go away.

No man knows what time it will happen, only My Father in heaven. It will be like the days when Noah was alive before the flood came. The people didn’t care about anything but eating and drinking and getting married until the day Noah went into the ark. The flood came and swept them all away. That’s how it will be when I come back. Two people will be out in the field and one will be taken and the other one left.



Two women will be grinding flour at the mill and one will be taken away and the other one left. So keep on watching because you don’t know when your Lord is coming back.


If you know a robber is coming, you get ready and don’t let him steal your stuff. So stay ready. The good ones do right and keep watching and telling the true words about Me and I will put him in charge over My stuff when I come back.

The bad one says, He won’t come for a long time and then he hits his workers and eats and gets drunk and doesn’t take care of My people. That one will be kicked out and have to stay with the bad ones and they will be crying and mashing their teeth together.