Jesus couldn’t walk around with the people because the leaders were trying to kill Him.

When it was time for the party to celebrate God in Jerusalem, Jesus went up anyway and went into the temple to teach the people about God. The leaders were amazed because Jesus never went to their school to learn how to read the special writings. (Jesus is the One who gave them those special writings) Jesus told them, What I say is not from Me, but from the One who sent Me.


If I talk about Myself I puff Myself up but if I talk about he One who sent Me, then I hold Him up high. If you are so good, why are you trying to kill Me?

The leaders told Jesus, We aren’t trying to kill you. You do this from the bad one. You have a bad one living inside you. The people were arguing about Jesus. Some said, He is the One from God and others said, No. he’s bad.

Jesus told them, You know Me and you know where I came from and Who sent Me. I didn’t come by Myself. The One who sent Me is true, but you don’t know Him. The people asked each other, When the promised One comes, will He do more amazing things than these?

Then they tried to arrest Jesus but they couldn’t because it wasn’t time yet. He told them, I am with you for a little bit longer. Then I go back to the One who sent Me. And you will look for Me but you won’t find Me. You can’t come where I am going. The leader said, Where will He go that we can’t come.

Then on the last day of the party Jesus said, If you are thirsty, Come to Me and drink. Ones who believe on Me, out of their tummies will come rivers of water that is always alive. Jesus said this about the Holy Spirit that He would give to them after He went back up to heaven with the Father. When many people heard this they said, This really is the One, the Prophet.


The leaders sent soldiers to arrest Jesus and they couldn’t get him. They came back and said, No one ever talked like this man.

At night Jesus went to the Mt. of Olives. Then in the morning he went back to the temple and the people came to Him and He sat down and taught them many good things about God.

The leaders brought a woman in front of Jesus. They said, We found this woman doing a big bad thing. From Moses it said she should be killed by throwing rocks at her. What do you say?


Jesus told them, Let the one of you that has never done a bad thing throw the first rock at her. They all knew they had done bad stuff so they sneaked away and the woman was left there alone with Jesus.



Jesus asked her, Where are the ones who brought to kill you? Gone, Lord. Jesus told her, I won’t hurt you either. Go and don’t do bad anymore.

Then Jesus told the people, I am the light of the world. Ones who follow Me won’t walk in the dark but have light to see where they are going.

The leaders said, You talk about yourself. Jesus said, What I say is true. If you knew Me, you would know the Father who sent me. I go away and you will look for Me and you will die in your sins. Where I am going you can’t come.

Then they wondered, Is he going to kill Himself? Jesus told them, I am from heaven above and you are from this world below. I only tell you what He says. The One who sent Me is with Me and I always do what makes Him happy. Jesus told them, If you keep doing what I say, You are really Mine for always and you will know what is true and that will make you free.

They told Jesus, We are Abraham’s kids and we were never slaves to anyone. Jesus told them, If you do bad, you are the slaves to the bad one.



Slaves don’t get to stay in the house for always, but sons do get to stay in their father’s house always.

They said, No, we are Abraham’s children. Jesus asked them then why are you trying to kill Me? The one who tells you what is true. Abraham didn’t do that. You are from your father, the bad one. He was always a killer and he didn’t stay in the true words because there is nothing true in him.

Which one of you can show any bad thing that I did? The ones from God hear God’s words. If you were from God you would love Me.

The ones who guard My words in their hearts won’t ever die. They asked Jesus, Who are you pretending to be? Are you better then our father Abraham.

Jesus told them, Jesus told them, I was before Abraham. Then they picked up rocks to throw at Jesus but He hid himself from their eyes and went out of the temple.

Jesus walked by a man who had been blind since he was born. The followers asked Jesus, Master, is this man blind because he did a bad thing or because his parents did a bad thing? Jesus told them, Not him or his parents did bad, but so the work God does can be seen.

Jesus told them, I have to do the work that He sent Me to do while it is daytime because the nighttime is coming when no man can work. While I am here with you in the world, I am the light of the world. Then Jesus spit on the ground and made some clay with the spit and put it on the man’s eyes. Jesus told the blind man, Go wash in the pool called Sent. So the man went, and when he had washed off the clay, he could see.

People who lived by the man said, Isn’t this the blind man? How can you see? The man said, A man named Jesus made clay and put it on my eyes and told me to go wash it off in the pool called Sent and when I did, I could see. The people took the man to the leaders and showed them, but they said, Jesus isn’t from God because he did this on the rest day. But other people said, How could he do it unless he was from God?

So the leaders called the man and said, How can you see? The man told them. Then they argued with him and said, This man isn’t from God because he made you see on the rest day. The man said, Has anyone since the world started been able to make one see who was born blind? If this man wasn’t from God he couldn’t do anything.

The leaders still argued with the man. So the man said, All I know is, I was blind and now I can see. So the leaders blocked the man from coming into the temple and from buying and selling stuff.

When Jesus heard what they did to the man He went and found him and said, Do you believe in the Son of God? The man said, Who is he, Lord, so I might believe in Him. Jesus said, You have seen Him and He is the one talking to you right now. The man said, I believe, Lord.

Jesus told the man, I came into the world so that the blind can see and the seeing ones be made blind. The leaders asked Jesus, Are we blind then? Jesus said, If you were blind you would not be doing bad but since you say you see what is right, but you don’t, the bad stuff is still in you.

Jesus told them, I tell you what is true. The One who doesn’t come to the sheep through the door is a robber. But the One who comes in the door is the shepherd of the sheep. The doorkeeper opens the door for him.

The sheep hear His voice and follow Him. He calls them by their names and leads them out. When He puts out His sheep, He goes in front of them. The sheep follow Him because they know His voice. They won’t follow a stranger but will run from him because they don’t know the voice of strangers.





Jesus told the people this, but they didn’t understand Him.


Jesus said, I tell you the truth: I am the door for the sheep. The ones who came before and said they were Me were robbers and the sheep didn’t listen to them.


I am the door. Whoever comes in the door will be saved from the bad stuff and eat the best food.

The robbers just sneak in to kill and steal and ruin but I came to give the best life forever. I am the good shepherd that gives His life to save the sheep.





The hired watchmen just run away when they see a wolf coming and leave the sheep with the wolf.

Jesus told them, I am the good shepherd and I know my sheep and they know Me. The Father knows Me and I know the Father and I give My life to save the sheep. I have other sheep too that I must bring with us. They will hear My voice and we will all be together.




My Father loves me because I give My life to save the sheep. No man takes My life from Me. I give it because I want to.

Then the people were arguing about Jesus again. Some said, He has the bad one inside him. Others said, Can bad ones make the blind ones see?

The leaders walked around Jesus and said, How long will you keep us guessing? Are you the promised One? Jesus said, I told you, but you don’t believe Me.

The stuff I do shows real clear who I am. If you don’t believe Me, believe the stuff you see Me do. You don’t believe Me because you aren’t My sheep. My sheep hear My voice, and I know them,





and they follow Me.

I give them life that lasts on and on forever and they will never die and no one can take them out of My hand.  My Father who is greater than Me, no man can take them out of My Father’s hand. I and My Father are One.


Then the leaders picked up rocks to throw at Jesus to kill Him. Jesus asked them, For what good work do you want to kill Me? If I don’t do works from My Father, then don’t believe Me. But if I do the works from My Father, know and believe that I am in the Father and He is in Me.


They tried to throw rocks at Jesus again but he got away from them and went across the Jordan River to the place where John was baptizing at first.

Many people came to Jesus there and said, John didn’t do any amazing things, but all that John said about this man is true. And many people believed on Jesus there.