People gathered around Jesus, too many to count, and Jesus told them, Watch out for the bad stuff that the leaders tell you, because everything will be seen. Don’t be scared of ones who kill the body, but be scared of the One who can throw you into the lake of fire. The sparrows are tiny and not worth very much but God takes care of every one of them. And you are much more important to God than they are. You are so important to Him that He even counts every hair on your head.

If you are for Me in front of people, I will bring you before the angels that live in heaven. But if you don’t want Me, I won’t bring you before the angels in heaven. If you say bad stuff about Me, Jesus told them, It will be forgiven but if you say bad stuff about the Holy Spirit it won’t be forgiven.



When they bring you in front of the judges, don’t think about what to say because the Holy Spirit will put the words in your heart to say when it is time.

A man came up to Jesus and said, Master, tell my brother to split our dad’s stuff with me. Jesus said, Be careful about wanting so much stuff because life is about more than having stuff. Then Jesus told the people a story about a man who had too much stuff so that he was about to build a bigger barn to keep it in. And he just kept getting more and more. But God told him, Don’t be silly. You are going to die tonight and then who will get all this stuff? You need to build up stuff inside your heart to God.

Don’t think about what you are going to eat or what you are going to wear because life is about more than just eating and wearing clothes. Think about the ravens. They don’t plant crops or gather the food into barns. God feeds them. How much more important are you than the birds? Who can make himself even an inch taller? If you can’t do the littlest thing, how can you do the biggest?

Think about the lilies that grown in the field: They don’t work, but their clothes are more beautiful than king Solomon. If God puts such beautiful clothes on the grass that is going to be gone tomorrow, how much more you?


Don’t think about what you will eat or drink because all the countries of the world are thinking about that stuff. And you Father knows that you need these things. But be thinking about, and going toward the kingdom of God and all this stuff will be added to you.

Don’t be scared, little flock of sheep. The Father in heaven is really happy to give you the kingdom all for your own. Sell your stuff and give to help the poor and you will be saving it up in heaven where it can’t get old and no one can steal it. Where your treasure is, that’s where your heart will be too.

Keep being ready for when I come back to start My kingdom in this world. Keep feeding My sheep the true words of God and don’t hit them or steal from them. Do you think I came to bring peace to the world? No, I came to split the bad from the good and get rid of the bad. When you see clouds you know that rain is coming. Why can’t you tell what time this is?

Some very bad stuff happened to some people at that time and Jesus asked, Do you think that it happened to them because they were really bad? No, that’s not it. If you don’t turn to Me, bad stuff will happen to you too. Then Jesus told them a story to show them about this. He said, There was a man who planted a fig tree in his vineyard. He kept going to get the figs, but it wasn’t growing any figs so he was going to dig up the tree. But the gardener told him, No don’t dig it up. Let’s put some stuff on it to get it to make figs. And then if no figs grow you can dig it up.

One rest day when Jesus was teaching in the church house a lady was there who was walking bent way over. She had been stuck like that for 18 years and couldn’t stand up straight. When Jesus saw her he said to her, Lady, you are let free from this trouble and she stood straight up and was real happy and yelling thank you to God.

The ruler of the church house was upset and said, There are 6 days that you can come get healed, but don’t come for that on the rest day. Jesus said to him, You false face, don’t you untie your cow and take it to get a drink of water on the rest day?  Then shouldn’t this child of Abraham that the bad one has had tied up like this for 18 years be healed from this trouble on the rest day? Then the ones against Jesus were embarrassed.

The people were really happy about all the good stuff Jesus was telling them and all the amazing stuff that He was doing. Jesus said, The kingdom of God is like a tiny little mustard seed that a man took and threw into his garden. It grew up so big it became a great tree and the birds all came to live in its branches.

Then Jesus went through the cities and villages teaching the people the good stuff about God and His kingdom. Someone asked Jesus, Are just a few people going to be saved? Jesus told them, Try real hard to go in through the right gate because many are going to try but won’t be able to get in. Many will knock on the door and say, Lord, Lord, let us come in. Didn’t we do lots of good stuff?

Jesus will tell them, I don’t know you, all you ones that do bad stuff. There will be much crying and grinding teeth together when you see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all of the one who told God’s words in the kingdom and you leaders will be thrown out. There are last ones who will get to be first and first ones who will be last.

Later that day a leader came to Jesus and said, Go away from here because the top leader will kill you. Jesus said, Go tell that fox that I will cure people today and tomorrow and then in three days I will be made perfect.

Oh how much I want to gather you all around Me like a mother hen gathers her little chicks, but you didn’t want Me. Your house is left empty. I tell you what is true, You won’t see me until the day when you say, Very happy is the One who comes in the Lord.

Jesus went to the house of one of the leaders on the rest day to eat. A man was there who had a sickness that swelled him up. The leaders there were watching to see if Jesus would heal the man on the rest day. Jesus said, Is it right to make someone better on the rest day? If you have a donkey that falls into a pit on the rest day, won’t you get him out?

Then Jesus told about going to a feast. When you are invited to a wedding, don’t sit in the best chair but in the lowest, so the man will say, Come and sit here by me. If you make yourself bigger, you will be made smaller. But if you make yourself smaller, you will be made bigger in front of the people there. And when you make a party, don’t invite the rich people or your friends, but invite the poor, the blind, the crippled and you will get great blessings because they can’t pay you back. The Lord will pay you back when you get to heaven.

Then Jesus told about a man who made a big feast and got everything ready, but the invited ones said they had other stuff to do and didn’t come. The man was mad and said to his helper, Go out into the city and find whoever you can, the poor and the crippled and the blind so that my house will be filled up with happy ones. None of the ones I invited will get to come eat at my party.

Big bunches of people followed Jesus and he turned and told them. If you don’t like me best before your mom and dad and brothers and sisters, you can’t be my student. If you don’t put behind you your favorite stuff, you can’t be my disciple. Before you build a house you see how much money it will cost. Before a king goes to make war with another country he thinks about and plans how many soldiers he will need to win. Salt is good but if it loses its salty taste it doesn’t taste good.

All the tax collectors and bad ladies came close to hear what Jesus was saying. The leaders said, This man is with the bad ones. Jesus told them, If you have 100 sheep and one gets lost, won’t you go look until you find it? I tell you that everyone jumps for joy in heaven each time a bad one turns back to God.

If a woman has ten silver coins and loses one, won’t she light a candle and sweep the house, looking until she finds it? Then she calls her neighbors and says, Be happy with me because I found the coin I lost. I tell you, They are really happy in heaven each time a bad one turns back to God.

Jesus told them, A man had two sons. The youngest one said, Give me my inheritance money. Then he went away to a far country and spent all the money on cookies and bubble gum. When the money was gone he didn’t have anything to eat so he went to help a man feed his pigs but couldn’t even eat the pigs food.  So the boy was thinking, At my dad’s house his servants have lots to eat. So I’ll go back a just be a servant at my dad’s house.

When he was going along the road almost home his dad saw him and ran fast and hugged him tight because he was so glad to see his son. The dad put on the boy his best robe and sandals and gave him a ring that let the boy have as much money as he wanted and started having a big party.


The older boy of the family was out working in the dad’s field and came to see what all the singing and music was for and found the house full of people eating and singing and dancing.

The older boy was mad and wouldn’t go inside to the party, so the dad came out to talk to him. The boy said, All these years I stayed here doing all the work you gave me to do and you never made a party for me. But this one who took your money and threw it away with wild living, you are having a big party for him. The dad said, Son, you are always with me and everything I have is yours. It is right that we be happy and make a party because your brother who was dead is alive again. He was lost and now is found.

Jesus told his helpers about a man who didn’t take good care of his master’s things, but wasted them. The master called the man to tell about what he was doing. The man thought, What can I do to live? I can’t dig and I’m embarrassed to go begging. So the man called the ones who owed to his master and changed the amounts to give presents to them. So when he was let go by the master, the men he gave presents to from the master’s stuff let him come stay with them.  Jesus said, This man was smart. Make friends with what God has given you so that when you are thrown out, those people you help will let you come live with them in their eternal homes. If you do right with what you have in this life, God will give you His true riches that last forever. You can’t work for God and money too.

The leaders who want to have everything for themselves heard these things and made fun of Jesus. But he told them, God knows what you are thinking about in your heart. The stuff that men think is the best, God thinks that stuff is bad and it stinks to Him. It is easier for heaven and earth to disappear and be gone than for My words go away.





Whoever sends away his wife and marries another lady is doing bad and makes the one who marries her next time do bad stuff too.

Jesus told them, There was a man who lived by begging stuff from other people and there was a rich man live with all the best stuff. The poor beggar was sick and laying outside the gate of the rich man and asked for just a few crumbs to eat. The poor man died and angels came and took his spirit to be hugged in Abraham’s arms in a very beautiful place called paradise where nothing bad happens ever again. The rich man died too and was taken and put into the lake of fire. He looked up from hell and saw the poor beggar in Abraham’s arms in paradise.

The rich man yelled out to Abraham, Father Abraham, please be kind to me and send the poor beggar to dip his finger in water to cool my tongue because this fire is so hot. But Abraham said, Son, remember all the good stuff you had in your life and all the bad stuff that came to this poor man.  And plus, there is a great big valley from me to you that no one can get across.

The man said, Then please send someone to my dad’s house to tell my five brothers so they don’t come to this place. Abraham said, Let them read the special writings from God by Moses and the other guys who told God’s words. The rich man said, No, if someone comes to tell them who was dead they will turn back to God. Abraham told him, If they won’t hear Moses or the other ones, they won’t hear if someone comes back from being dead.

People are going to do bad stuff, but bad stuff will happen to them that hurt  God’s people. It is better if they jump in the ocean and drown than to hurt one of the Lord’s children who trust Him. Be careful to forgive when someone does you bad no matter how many times he does it.

Jesus helpers asked Him, Make our faith bigger. The Lord told them, If you have the tiniest bit of faith, you can say to this tree, Be pulled up and thrown into the sea, and it will obey you.

If you have servant plowing up the field and it is suppertime, Does he come in and make his own food? Or does he come in and make food for you first, and serve you, and then eat for himself? Jesus told them, You do that. When you have done everything the Lord tells you, then say, we didn’t do anything special, we only did what we were supposed to.

As Jesus was going to a village there were ten men coming who had a bad disease that ate up their skin so they couldn’t be around the other people. They saw Jesus coming and yelled, Lord, show your special love to us. Jesus told them, Go to the priest to show that your sickness is gone. And as they went their skin was made perfect like a little child. Only one of the ten men came back to Jesus and bowed down to Him and said, Thank you. And he was from another country, not Israel. Jesus said to him, Where are the rest? Did no one come to give glory to God except this one from another country? Jesus told the man, Get up and go, your faith made you well.

Then the leaders said, When will the kingdom of heaven come? Jesus told them, You can’t see it coming with your eyes. You can’t say, Here it is, or there it is. The kingdom of God is inside you. Days are coming when you will want to be back in these days when I was here with you. Don’t go with anyone who says, Here is the kingdom, or over there is the kingdom. Because like lightning shines from one part of heaven clear across the sky to the other side, that’s how it will be on the day when the Son of man comes back to the world. But first he will be turned away from, and he will be beat up and hurt by the people of this time.

Just like the days when Noah and his sons built the ark, and the flood came and washed everyone off the world, that’s how it will be. Everyone will be eating too much and drinking too much and marrying lots of people until the day Noah went into the ark and the flood came and washed them all away.

And like the day when Lot was in living in the bad towns and they were only caring about eating and drinking and shopping and planting and building stuff until Lot went out and rain of fire and melting rocks fell from heaven and burned them all up. That’s how people will be acting when the Son of man comes back.

If you are on the top of your house, don’t go back in to get your stuff. And if you are in the field, don’t go back to your house to get your stuff. If you try to keep your stuff you will lose your life. Two men will be sleeping in bed and one will be taken away and the other one left. Two women will be grinding their flour at the mill and one will be taken and the other will be left. Two me will be working in the field and one will be taken away from this world and the other one left. They asked, Where, Lord will this happen. Jesus told them, Where the body is, the eagles circle around above them.