Jesus told His followers, at the end time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten pure ladies who go out to meet the one they are going to marry. Five of them were smart and five of them were silly. The smart ones took oil for their lamps and the silly ones didn’t take oil with them.

At midnight when the man they were going to marry came to get them, the smart ones got ready and went out, but the silly ones were out of oil for their lamps and said, Give us some of your oil so we can see and go out to meet Him. But the wise ones said, No, if we give you our oil then we won’t have enough, so you go and buy some oil.

While they were gone the man came and the wise ones went into the marriage but the silly ones were gone. When they came back the door was shut and they said, Lord, Lord, Open the door for us. But the bridegroom said, I don’t know who you are. And they couldn’t go into the marriage. So always be watching because you don’t know when the promised One is coming back.

Jesus told His followers another thing about the kingdom. He said, The kingdom of heaven is like a land owner who went away to a far country. When he left he gave bags of money to his workers. Some got five bags and some got two bags and some got one bag.

The landowner told them, Use this money to keep working for me until I get back. The one who had the five bags went and earned five more bags. The one who had two bags gained two more bags for the land owner. The one who had one bag went and dug a hole and buried the bag of money in the hole.

After a long time the land owner came back and asked what his workers had been doing. The one with the five bags of money said, I gained five more bags for you. The land owner said, You were a good and faithful worker. I will put you over much of my land. Come and be happy with me.

The man who had two of the man’s bags of money said, I gained two more bags for you. The land owner said, You did good. You are a good and faithful worker. I will put you over many things.

Then the one who had been given one bag of money said, I knew you were a hard man taking what isn’t yours so I was scared and hid your money and here it is now. The lord told him, You bad and lazy worker. You should have put the money I gave you into the bank where the bank workers would turn it into more so it would have got bigger.

Take the bag of money from him and give it to the one who has ten bags because more will be given to the ones who use what I gave them and they will have lots and lots. But the ones who don’t use what I give them, even that will be taken from them and they will be thrown away with the bad ones into the dark where they will cry a lot and mash their teeth together.

When the special promised one comes back in all his shiny brightness with all His special angels and sits on the throne of his shiny brightness He will gather all the countries together and separate the sheep from the goats. And He will put the sheep on His right side and the goats on His left side.

The King will say to the ones on the right side, Come you ones My Father makes very happy and get the kingdom My Father made for you before He made the world, because you gave me food to eat when I was hungry and you gave me water to drink when I was thirsty and took me to stay in your house when I didn’t have a place to stay and you gave me clothes to wear when I was naked and came to see me when I was in jail.


The right ones said when did we give you food and water and clothes and come see you when you were in jail? The king told them, When you did it for one of my little ones you did it to me.

Then the King will say, Get away from me, you bad ones into the fire because you didn’t give me food or water or a place to stay or clothes or come visit me when I was in jail.


And these ones asked the king, when didn’t we help you? The king told them, I tell you what is true! When you didn’t help the ones who believe in me you didn’t help me. You will go into a spanking that never stops



and these other ones will go into the most special happiness forever.

After Jesus said all this, He told His disciples, In two days it will be the time for the party to celebrate God getting you out of Egypt and they will give Me to the leaders to be killed. And the leaders got together and made a sneaky plan to get Jesus and kill Jesus.

When Jesus was resting in a house a lady came and poured really nice perfume on His feet. One of His workers said, You should have sold this perfume for lots of money and gave the money to the poor ones. Jesus told him, Let her alone, She put good love on Me with this. Then the worker went to the leaders and planned to take the leaders to where Jesus was for 30 pieces of money.

When they were having the party for going out of Egypt, Jesus took the bread and broke it and said, This is My body that will broken to take your spanking so that you can live forever with Me. Take it and eat it.

Then he took the cup of wine and said, This is My blood that will be poured out to erase everyone’s bad stuff. Drink all of it. I won’t drink it again until we are drinking it together in My Father’s kingdom.

Jesus told His followers, Tonight you will all turn away from Me and run away because it is written in the special writings from God, I will hit the shepherd and the sheep will run away everywhere. But after I get up from being dead, I will go ahead of you into Galilee.

Peter said, Even if everyone runs away I will stay with You. Then they all said too, We won’t leave ever leave you. Jesus told Peter, Tonight before the rooster crows in the morning, you will say you don’t even know me, three times.

Then they went up into a mountain garden where Jesus was really, really sad because He knew all the badness that the whole world ever did or would ever do was about to be put on Him and He would take the spanking from God for it all. He told His followers, watch and pray about this with Me. But they fell asleep.

Jesus prayed and asked, O My Father let me not have to do this. You can do anything, let Me not have to do this. But what you want, that is what is the best. I will do what You want.

Then Jesus went and found the followers sleeping. He went and prayed the same thing again, O My Father, don’t let me have to do this, but do what you want.


Three time He prayed it and then went and told the followers, Watch and keep praying so you won’t go into testing’s.

When they got up to leave the garden, Jesus said, They are coming. I am given into the hands of the bad ones. And many people came with soldiers and swords to take Jesus to jail. The follower who sold him came up to Jesus and kissed Him because that was the sign he told the leaders, The one I kiss is Jesus.

They grabbed Jesus and Peter lifted up a sword and cut of one of the men’s ears. Jesus fixed the man’s ear and told Peter, Put away the sword because if you just hurt people to make things right and better that is what happen back to you. And it will take away your life.

Jesus told them, Don’t you know that if I want to,  I can pray to My Father and he will send down 12 great big bunches of angels right now to save Me. But then how can the special writings from God and His best plan be done?

So they took Jesus and had a trial for Him that broke all the rules and pushed Him through the court really fast to kill him. They told lies saying, He talks bad things against God.

None of them could get their story straight and they couldn’t find anything true against Jesus because He never did anything wrong.



Jesus just stayed quiet and didn’t say anything against all their lies. Finally the high priest said, I order you by the living God to tell me if you are the promised One.

Jesus told him, You said it, and it is true. And from now on you will see Me sitting at the right hand of God’s power and coming in the clouds of heaven.



The high priest said, That’s it. He talks lies about God and that’s all we need. Let’s kill him. Then they spit on Him and hit him and punched his face and slapped him and made fun of him.

Just like Jesus said would happen, People asked Peter, Weren’t you with him? And Peter cussed and said, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know him. After it happened three times Jesus turned and looked at Peter and Peter was so sad that he went outside and cried a lot and real loud.