Back at the start when Adam ate from the bad tree, it gave the bad one power in the world, but now God sent His Son to take it back, if man would choose Him and believe.



So Jesus gathered men who followed Him and took them up on a high mountain and told them His plan.

He said, Happy are the ones who aren’t puffed up, the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. Happy are the sad ones the will be patted and made all better.

The Lord’s good happiness on the ones who let others go first, they will get to own and be king over the whole world.

Best happiness to the ones who want to do right a lot. The will be filled up with God’s good stuff. The ones who are kind to everyone, people will be kind to them.


Be real glad when people are mean to you because you follow God, because that means that the kingdom of heaven is yours.


When people tell big lies, saying bad things about you, jump up and down because you are so happy because you will have a great big reward in heaven. The bad ones always tell big lies about God’s kids.

You are the light in this dark world. You can’t hide a city on the top of a hill. So shine bright in loving God back and telling everyone all the good that He is.



Jesus said to them, Don’t think I came to get rid of all the rules because I came to keep them for you and then give you credit for doing that, if you believe in Me.

Whoever breaks the littlest rule and teaches that to others will be the littlest in the kingdom of heaven and whoever does them and teaches them will be the great in the kingdom of heaven.



If you aren’t better than these puffed up ones, these ones who say but don’t do it, and who make up lots of rules I didn’t say, you won’t even get into the kingdom of heaven.

You were told, Do not murder, but I say, If you get mad at your brother for no reason, you are in trouble and if you call him a fool, you are dangling your toes over hell.

When you bring a present to the Lord and then remember that you did something bad to your brother, go say sorrow and make it right and then come to the Lord to give Him your present.


When your enemy is after you, go make friends with him quick, so you won’t be put in jail.


If you do bad and have to pay, you won’t get out of jail until you pay the last penny.





Don’t look at other men’s wives and want them.

Don’t look at bad stuff. Pull your eye out first. It is better to get into heaven with just one eye, because I can fix for you, than to end up in the lake of fire.


Don’t divorce your wife unless she is joining with another man. Then you are getting all of you into trouble.





Don’t promise God you’ll do stuff and then not do it.

Don’t promise at all, even by heaven because it is God’s throne or by earth because it is God’s footstool or by Jerusalem because it is the city of the great King.





Don’t even promise by your head because you can’t make even one hair white or black.


Just say Yes or No and then stop talking because more words after that come from the bad one.



The old way was hurt for hurt but I say, Don’t hurt back. When someone hits you on the right cheek, turn your head and let him hit you on the other side too.



If someone takes you into court to take your shirt, let him have you coat too. (I have lots of stuff)




If someone wants you to walk a mile with him, go two miles with him.




If someone wants to borrow your stuff, let him.

The old way said, Love you neighbors and hate your enemies, but I say, Love your enemies, do good things for the ones who hate you and pray for the ones who use you and hurt you.



This is being children of your Father who is in heaven who makes the sun shine on the bad ones and on the good ones and sends rain on the ones who do right and the ones who do wrong.



If you love the ones who love you, what reward is for that? Everybody does that. If you hold high the ones who hold you high, everybody does that.



Be full and complete in your Father in heaven who is full and complete.