After Jesus gave His 12 special followers power and told them what to do, He sent the out to tell the good news in the cities.

John was in prison and heard all the stuff Jesus was doing, so he sent men to ask Jesus, Are you the One the Lord God promised to send or should we look for someone else to come save us?


Jesus told the man to go back to the jail and tell John what he saw and heard: Jesus was making the blind ones to see again




and the crippled ones walk again

and the ones with eating skin disease all clean and well, and the ones who couldn’t hear were hearing

and the dead were being brought back to life and the poor were hearing the good news about God’s good kingdom where nothing bad can happen and everyone has lots of everything then need.



And everyone who likes Me will always be happy.



As the man left, Jesus told the people about John. He didn’t have soft clothes or live in a king’s house, but he was better than any of the ones who told the Lord’s words to His people, John is the one that the Lord sent to get peoples hearts ready for Me to come from heaven into the world.

There isn’t anyone greater who was born in this world from a woman than John the Baptist; but the smallest one in the kingdom of heaven is greater than him.

You people at this time won’t listen no matter what I say because you don’t want to hear. You wouldn’t listen to John because you said he wouldn’t eat and drink with you and because he had a bad spirit of the devil in him, and you won’t listen to Me because you say I eat too much and drink too much and am a friend to bad ones.



But lots of children are coming into My Father’s kingdom now anyway.

Sad crying will be to all you cities where I showed lots of power and miracles in by raising the dead and healing the blind and deaf and crippled ones. If I had done the same things in other cities, they would have turned back to the Lord and now be saved.

And you city of Capernaum that are reaching up to the sky, you will be brought down into hell. If they had seen the strong works I did in you in Sodom and Gomorrah, those cities would still be here today. Those cities will get less trouble than you on judgment day.

Then Jesus talked to His Father in heaven and said, I thank you, O Father, One in charge over all the heaven and the earth, because you hide these things from the smart ones and show them to the little ones because that seemed right to you.

My Father gave everything to Me, and no man knows the Son, but the Father; and no man knows the Father but the Son and whoever I show Him.

Come to Me all you who are working hard to get to heaven and I will give you rest. Do what I say and learn about Me, I am not puffed up but low in heart and your soul will be quiet with Me and rest. Being with Me is easy and I don’t put hard stuff on you.

Then Jesus and His followers were walking through the fields and picking the grain and eating it. The bad leaders said, You can’t do that. It’s against the rules.

Jesus told them, When David was hungry he went into God’s house and ate God’s bread from God’s table. One greater than God’s house is here now. You need to learn about how kind God is and don’t say people are doing bad when they aren’t. I am the Son from heaven who is boss over everything.

When Jesus left there and went by a man whose hand was dried up to nothing and Jesus healed the man’s hand on the worship day. The leaders said, You can’t do that! It’s the worship day. Jesus said, If one of your lambs falls into a hole on the worship day won’t you lift him out?




Then the leaders went out and made a plan to Kill Jesus. But Jesus knew and went away somewhere else.


Lots and lots of people followed Jesus everywhere He went, and He healed them all, and He told them not to tell anyone.

This was what Isaiah told about Jesus long time before from the Lord, words that said, This is My servant that I picked out, the One I love most and am really really happy with everything He does. I put My Spirit on Him and he will make everything right about everything in the whole world.



He won’t yell or be mean or hurt anyone until He wins over all the bad ones. And all the countries of the world will lean on Him.

Then a man was brought to Jesus who had a bad spirit living in him who couldn’t see or talk. Jesus healed the man and then he could see and talk. The people were all amazed and said, Isn’t this the promised One we’ve been waiting for. When the leaders heard the people saying this they said, He is throwing out the bad ones from people by the prince of the bad ones.

But Jesus knew what they were thinking and said, Every kingdom that is split, falls apart and a family that is always fighting falls can’t stand together. If the prince of the bad ones is split in himself, how can his kingdom last? If I am throwing the bad ones out of people by the bad one, then who is helping your kids throw them out?

But if I am throwing the bad ones out by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come down here to you.

You can’t go steal from a strong man unless you tie him up first. Whoever is not with me is against Me. And whoever is not gathering people into My kingdom with Me is chasing them away.

Every bad thing anyone does will be let go and forgiven, but if you talk against the Holy Spirit of God you are shutting the door in front of your own face for you to go into God’s kingdom and then you won’t be forgiven.



Jesus told them, Anyone who says bad stuff about Me, I will forgive him, but if you say bad stuff about the Holy Spirit, it shuts you out now and for all the times to come and then you won’t be forgiven.

So make the tree of your life good by doing what is right or make it bad by doing the bad stuff. We know what kind of tree it is by tasting the fruit that grows on it, whether it is sweet or yukky.



O, you bunch of snakes, how can you, being so bad, say good things? Because what you think in your heart is what comes out of your mouth. When the time comes to judge, you will have to stand in front of Me and tell why you said every word that wasn’t right. You will be looked at by the words that you say out of your mouth.

Then some of the leaders said, Show us a sign that you are the One God ent to save us. But Jesus told them, a bunch of bad ones always wants to see a sign, but the only sign you will get is the sign of Jonah. Like Jonah was 3 days and 3 nights in the tummy of the fish, just like that the Son of man will be inside the heart of the world for 3 days and 3 nights.

Men from Nineveh will get up when the judgment time comes and show how bad you are because they turned back to the Lord God when they heard the words of God that Jonah told them. And a greater One than Jonah is here. The One who made Jonah and everything is here. The queen of the south will come and show how bad you are because she came from the end of the world to hear the wise words from the Lord that Solomon told.

When a bad spirit goes out of a man, its dry and empty and he can’t rest, so he goes back into the man, taking a bunch of other worse ones with him. That’s how it will be for you people. It was bad when I came, and since you don’t want Me, it will be worse when I leave.

While Jesus was talking to these leaders, his mother and brothers were standing outside. They told Jesus, Your mother and brothers are outside and want to talk to you. Jesus said, Who is My mother? and Who are My brothers? The ones who do what My Father in heaven wants, these are My brother and sister and mother.