Don’t be the judge. Only God knows everything and knows what is best. If you try be the judge on someone else, the same judgment will come back on you.

Ask the Lord for what you want and need and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find what you are looking for. Knock and the door will be opened to you because everyone who asks gets what he asks for and everyone who seeks finds what he is looking for and everyone who knocks, the door is opened to them.


If your son asks for a piece of bread, will you give him a rock? Or if he asks for a fish will you give him a snake?

If you who are often bad know how to give good stuff to your kids, how much more will your Father in heaven who made everything give good things to you who ask Him?



What you want people to do to you, do it to you them. This is what the Lord told us to do in His rules and what His prophets said.



Go into God’s kingdom the right way, because the way that goes into the lake of fire is wide and lots are going in there.



The gate into God’s kingdom is straight and not very wide and not many people are going into it.

Watch out for people who say they are talking for God but are not. They walk about looking like nice little sheep, but are really hungry wolves who want to get you to follow them and take your stuff and eat up all the good stuff the Lord has for you.


You will know them by what they do. Do grapes come out from thorns or do figs come from stickers?



A good tree can’t make bad fruit and a bad tree can’t make good tasting fruit.



Every tree that makes bad fruit will be cut down and tossed into the fire.



So watch what they do instead of hearing what they say.



Not every one who calls me Lord, Lord is going into the kingdom of heaven, but the ones who do what My Father in heaven wants.

Jesus said, Many will say to Me when the day of judging comes, Didn’t we tell right words in Your name? And throw bad ones out of people in Your name? and do lots of amazing stuff in Your name?


And I will tell them, I never knew you, go away from Me you ones who do bad stuff.

Whoever hears what I say and does them is like a man of smart thinking who builds him house on a solid rock. When the rain and winds come they pound against the house but it keeps standing strong because it is built on the Rock.

And the ones who hear what I say, but don’t do it are like a silly man who builds his house on the sand. And when the rain and winds come that house falls down flat.

When Jesus was done saying all this, the people were amazed at what He taught them because He talked to them like the One in charge of everything, not like other temple teachers.

When Jesus came down the mountain, lots and lots of people followed Him and a man who had a bad disease eating up all his body came and bowed down and said, Lord, if you want it, you can make all this bad sickness disappear. Jesus said, I want to. And the disease just disappeared right then and his skin was fresh like a little baby.

Jesus said, Don’t tell about this, but go show it to the priest and give the present that shows God’s big love. He will let you go to be with your family again.

Then Jesus went into a city, a general who was born in another country, came to Jesus and begged him, Please make my servant well. He’s at home sick really bad. Jesus said, I will come with you and make him all better. The general said, I am not good enough for You to come to my house, because I know who You are.


You run the whole universe and if You just say it, he will be all well right now. Jesus said, It is true that I haven’t found anyone in My country with such big trust in Me as yours.

I tell you, Lots of people will come from all over this world and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. But the children who are supposed to be in the kingdom don’t want Me and so they will be thrown out into the dark where they will cry and mash their teeth together.


Jesus told the general, Go on with what you were doing, what you believed will happen to you. And the servant was healed right then.



When Jesus came to Peter’s house, Peter’s wife’s Mom was lying down sick with a bad fever. Jesus touched her hand and made her well and she got up and fixed dinner for Jesus and His disciples.

When the sun went down, people brought to Jesus ones that had bad spirits living inside them and Jesus told the bad spirits to get out and all the sick people they brought to Jesus were healed.

This finished the words that Isaiah, God’s prophet told, that said, He took our pains and carried our sicknesses. When Jesus saw the big crowds of people He told the ones who followed Him to go across the sea.



One young man came to Jesus and said, I will follow you wherever you go. Jesus told him, The foxes have holes to live in and the birds have nests, but I don’t have anywhere to lay down My head.

Another of the ones following Jesus said, Before I will follow you after my dad is dead and buried. But Jesus said to him, Let the dead ones bury the dead ones, you come follow Me.


And when they go into the ship to go across the sea, His followers came with Him. A big storm and wind came on the sea and the waves were tossing up over the to of the ship. But Jesus was sleeping.

His followers came to Him and woke Him up and said, Lord save us! Were going to die! Jesus asked them, Why are you scared? O you ones who have tiny faith.

Then Jesus got up and said, Stop! To the wind and the rain and the sea was still and quiet as glass. The men were all amazed and said, What kind of man is this that even the winds and sea obey Him?

And when they got to the shore on the other side, a man cam out of the graveyard who had bad ones living inside him. He was real mean and so strong that no one could walk down that road by him. The bad ones inside the man said, What are you doing here, Jesus, Son of God? Did you come here to hurt us before its time?

A way off there were a herd of pigs eating and the bad ones said, If you kick us out of this man, let us go into those pigs. Jesus said, Go! And the pigs charged down the cliff into the sea and died in the water. The keepers of the pigs ran into the city and told what had happened and all the people of the city came out and asked Jesus to go away somewhere else.