When they got to the other side of the sea a man came out of the graveyard who had a bad spirit in him. He was real strong and scary and always cutting himself with rocks and crying. When the man saw Jesus far away he ran to Jesus and bowed down to Him loving Him in his heart. Jesus said to the bad spirit, Come out of him, you unclean spirit and many bad spirits came out. When Jesus let them go into a herd of pigs, the pigs ran down a cliff and drowned themselves in the sea.

Then the man was all well and just wanted to stay with Jesus but Jesus told him to go home and tell what a good thing Jesus had done for him. So the man went away and told it everywhere around their cities.

The men who watched over the pigs, ran into the city and told the people what happened, and the people came and asked Jesus to go away.

Jesus went back over the sea and one of the rulers of the church house came to Jesus and said, My little daughter is sick and almost dead. Please, if you will come and put your hands on her she will get better.

As they were walking to the man’s house an woman sneaked up behind Jesus to touch his robe because she had been sick with bleeding for 12 years and she thought if she could just touch the bottom of his clothes she would be all well. Jesus knew it when she touched His robe, and turned around to talk to her. She was really scared. But Jesus said, Your trust in Me made you all better.

Then someone came from the man’s house and said, Your little girl is dead. Jesus told the man, Don’t be scared, just trust Me. When they got to his house the people were all singing the death songs and crying real loud. Jesus told them, Why are you doing all this fuss? She is not dead but asleep. The people laughed at him. Jesus put the people outside and went and took the little girl by the hand and she got up all well. All the people were amazed and Jesus told them to give the little girl something to eat.

After that Jesus was teaching lots of stuff in the church house and the people said, Where did he learn all this stuff? Isn’t this the builder, Mary’s son, and aren’t these his brothers and sisters here? The people didn’t like him and wouldn’t listen to Him. And Jesus couldn’t help many people there because they didn’t believe Him. Jesus was amazed that they didn’t believe. He went around to the villages teaching them about His kingdom.

Then He called 12 special helpers and told them what to do and sent them out two each together to teach and bring people to His kingdom and throw out the bad ones and make the people well. So they went out teaching and healing and telling the people the good news.

When king Herod heard about all the amazing stuff Jesus was doing he said, It is John, the one I put in prison and killed. The king had put John in prison because his wife was mad at John for telling them they did bad to get married because she was another man’s wife.

Jesus 12 special helpers came back and told Him everything they did and what they had told the people and then Jesus took them for a vacation in the desert to rest.

Many people followed them and Jesus heart was soft toward them because they needed so much, and no one was leading them to God’s good stuff.

They helped the people a long time and then when the day was over the special helpers told Jesus, The day is gone. Send them away so they can get some food in the villages. Jesus told them, You give them some food. They said, We only have 5 loaves of bread and two fish.


Jesus had the people sit down on the green grass and He took the bread and fish and looked up to heaven and blessed the food and gave it to the helpers and they gave it to the people and there was enough for everyone,

5,000 men and their families. And they had 12 baskets full of bread and fish left over.

Then the helpers of Jesus got into a ship to go across the sea and Jesus went up a mountain to pray. Later when Jesus was finished praying He saw the helpers rowing hard to get across the water to the other side, but the wind kept blowing them back.

Jesus went to them walking on the water and was going to go past them, but they saw Him and yelled out loud, It’s a ghost! Jesus said, Be happy, don’t be scared, It’s Me! When He got into the ship with them the wind stopped and they were amazed.


When they got across the water the people came to Jesus from all around bringing their sick people for them to heal them.

Everywhere He went, the people laid their sick people in the streets so they could touch the bottom of Jesus’ robe as He walked by, and everyone that touched it was made all better.

Some bad leaders came to Jesus and said, Why don’t the ones who follow you do what they are supposed to? They don’t wash their hands before they eat their food. Jesus told them, Isaiah said right about you that you love God with empty rules but your hearts are far away from Him. You don’t do what He said and you make up stuff to do that doesn’t matter, like washing pots and cups.  You threw away God’s rules like the one that says, Hold your father and mother high in your hearts and don’t help them.

Then Jesus called the people around Him and said, Listen and understand what I tell you. What you put in your mouth doesn’t hurt you. It’s bad stuff you let come out of your heart that will hurt you like bad thoughts and hating and hurting and saying bad stuff about other people and being puffed up and silly and not wanting God and saying bad stuff about Him and stealing and wanting the stuff that other people have. This stuff comes from inside you and makes you dirty.



Then Jesus got up and went to another country but people came to Him there too. One was a lady who had a little girl who had a bad spirit inside her. The lady begged Jesus to get the bad spirit out of her little daughter.

Jesus told her, Let the children in God’s country eat first. It’s not right to give the little puppies the food first and then feed the children. But the woman told Him, Yes, Lord but the puppies eat the crumbs that fall down under the children’s table.



Jesus was amazed at how big her faith was and told her, The bad spirit is gone out of your daughter. And when the lady got home she saw that the bad spirit was gone.

Jesus left that country and came to the sea of Galilee, and they brought to Him a man who couldn’t hear or talk. Jesus touched the man and fixed it. He told them, Don’t tell anyone, but they told lots and lots of people. And everyone was real amazed and said, Jesus does all things real good.

There were so many people crowded around Jesus again for a long time and they didn’t have anything to eat. Jesus took seven loaves of bread a few tiny fish and made it into lots of food to feed 4,000 men and their families.

Then the bad leaders asked Jesus questions and wanted Him to show them a special sign from heaven that He was the One God promised to send. Jesus was sad in His Spirit because everything He did was a sign from heaven, nobody else ever did those things. He told them, No sign will be given to you.

Then Jesus left and got in a ship and went to the other side of the sea. Jesus told his followers with Him, Stay away from the puffed up food of the bad leaders. They thought he was talking about bread for the tummy instead of bread for the heart. Jesus asked them, Don’t you remember all the bread for the 4,000 and how many baskets were left over. And how many baskets were left after the 5,000 were full? Why don’t you know what I am talking about?

When they got to the city called Bethsaida the people brought a blind man to Jesus. Jesus took the blind man’s hand and led him out of town and then put His spit on the man’s eyes and said, Can you see anything? The man said, I see men. They look like trees walking around. Jesus put His hands on the man again and then the man could see the right way real good. Jesus sent the man home and said, Don’t tell anyone.

Then Jesus went with His followers to other towns. As they walked along, Jesus asked them, Who do people say that I am? They told Him, Some think you are John who did the baptizing and some say you are Elijah. Then Jesus asked, Who do you say that I am? Peter said, You are the special promised One sent from God.

Jesus said, Don’t tell anyone that I am. Then Jesus started to tell them the bad stuff that was going to happen to Him. Peter said, No! Lord, that won’t happen to you. But Jesus said, You aren’t thinking about God’s stuff.


If you want to come after Me you have to let go the stuff of the world’s plans, then you will get to God’s good plan. What good would it be to get everything in this world and then lose your own heart?





If you are embarrassed about Me now in this bad time, I will be embarrassed about you when I come back in all the shiny brightness of My Father with all the holy angels.