When the leaders knew that Jesus was bringing more people into the new way than John, Jesus left and went to Galilee. On the way He went through a country that wasn’t Israel because there was a lady there and a lot of people who wanted to get into His kingdom.

Jesus stopped at a well that Jacob dug way back before Israel was a nation. The followers went into the city to get food and Jesus stayed sitting on the well.

A lady came out of the city to get water and Jesus said to her, Give me a drink. He told her, If you knew who was asking you to give Him a drink you would ask Him to give you water that is always alive and you will never be thirsty again. She said to Jesus, Sir, Give me this water. Jesus told her, Go get your husband. The lady said, I don’t have a husband. Jesus said, That is true. You have had 5 husbands and the man you are with now isn’t your husband.

The lady said, It sounds like you are a prophet. Where is the right place to go to bow down to God? Jesus told her, The time is coming when you won’t bow down in this mountain or in Jerusalem.

The time is coming when you will bow down to the Father in the Spirit and in the Truth. That’s what the Father wants to happen. God is Spirit and the ones who want Him must love Him in their heart in Spirit and in the Truth. The lady said, I know the promised One is coming and when He comes He will tell us everything. Jesus said to her, I am that One.

Then the followers came back to Jesus and the woman left her water pot and went back into the city and told the men there, Come see a man who told me all the bad stuff I did. Isn’t this the promised One come to save us?

Jesus followers gave Him food to eat but He said, I have food to eat that you don’t know about. Then they wondered who gave Him food. Jesus told them, My food is to do what the One who sent me wants Me to do, and to finish it. You think in four months it will be time to go out and get the food growing in the field. I tell you, Look, the field is already full and ready. Whoever helps bring in the fruit will be paid and build things for his forever life. Some do one part and some another and all will be very happy.

The people who the lady told came out to see and hear Jesus. They believed Him and wanted Him to stay with them so He stayed with them for 2 days. And many more came and believed Him. They said, Now we know that this is the promised One, the One who saves the world.

Then Jesus went to Galilee and many more came to Him who saw the things He did at the party in Jerusalem. A good leader there had a son who was sick and went to Jesus to ask Him to get rid of the sickness and make his son all better because he was just about to die. Jesus told the man, You can go; your son is alive. And the boy was better from right then.



Back in Jerusalem again, at another party for God, there was a man lying by a pool of water with lots of other real sick people. They waited by the water for an angel to come stir the water. The first person to get into the water after then angels stirred it would get better from their sickness.

One man had been waiting there sick for 38 years. Jesus asked him, Do you want to get better? The man said, Sir, I don’t have anyone to help me get down to the water. Jesus said to him, Get up and walk. The man stood up right then and was all better right then.

This happened on the rest day and the leaders of the Jews said, You aren’t supposed to carry your bed on the rest day! Who told you to get up and walk? When they found out it was Jesus, they tried to find a way hurt Jesus and kill Him. Jesus told them, My Father works today and I do too. So the leaders tried harder to get Him and kill Him.

Jesus told them, I only do what I see My Father doing. The Father loves the Son and shows Him everything He does. The Father gets people up from being dead and so does the Son. He makes alive whoever He wants.

The Father judges no man but has given all the judgment to the Son so that men will hold high the Son like they hold high the Father. Whoever hears Me and believes on Him who sent me has life that goes on forever and won’t be judged but has passed from death to life.


I tell you, the hour is coming when all the dead ones buried in the ground will hear the voice of the Son of God and be alive again. Like the Father in heaven has life in Himself, just the same way He gave the Son to have life in Himself.

Don’t be amazed at this because the time is coming when all that are buried in the ground will hear His voice and come out, the ones who did what God wanted come out to the best life, and the ones who didn’t want God come out to the biggest trouble.



Jesus told them, I can’t do anything by Myself. I can only do what the Father in heaven wants Me to do.

The stuff I do shows who I am, and John showed who I am. I tell you these things so you will be saved.

John was a light that burned for a while and you were happy seeing that light but the stuff I do shows even better that I come from the Father in heaven.




The Father showed and said who I am. Look through all the special writings because they tell all about Me.

I know you don’t have God’s love inside you. How can you know, you ones who lift each other up but don’t want to be lifted up by God.





If you don’t believe the special writings, how will you believe what I say?

Jesus went across the sea of Galilee and many people followed Him because they saw the amazing things He did. So Jesus went up a mountain and sat there with His followers. Jesus looked at all the many bunches of people and said, Where can we get food for all these people to eat?

A little boy was there and gave Jesus his five loaves of bread and two little fish. Jesus had the people sit down on the grass, more than 5,000 of them and then thanked His heavenly Father for the food and gave it to the followers to give to the people. The Lord God turned it into enough for all the people to eat and the had 12 baskets of food left over.

When the people saw what Jesus did with the little bit of food, making it more than enough for all, they said, This is the One that the Lord promised to send to save us.

Jesus saw the people were going to come and make Him be the king so they would always have enough food, and not have to work for food. Jesus left there so they couldn’t do it and went up into a mountain.

The followers went back to the sea and got in a boat to go back over the sea. When it was night Jesus went out on the sea, walking on the top of the water. When his followers in the ship saw Jesus they were scared. Jesus told them, Don’t be scared; it is Me. And they took Jesus into the boat with them.

The people who wanted to make Jesus king so they wouldn’t have to work came across the sea to find Jesus. Jesus told them, I tell you what is true, You want me because you saw the miracles and ate the bread and your tummies were full.




Don’t work for food that disappears when you eat it but get what lasts forever that the Son of man will give you because God the Father set Him to be the One.

The people asked Jesus, What does God want us to do? Jesus told them, Believe on the One He sent. Then they asked, What special sign will you show us so we will believe? Our fathers ate the special bread from heaven in the wild lands.

Jesus said, I tell you what is true. Moses gave your fathers that bread from heaven for your tummies, but My Father gives you the true bread from heaven for your heart. The bread of God is the One who came down from heaven to give His life to save the world.


The people said, Lord, always give us this bread. Jesus told them, I am the bread for living. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry and the ones who believe in Me will never be thirsty.

I came down from heaven not to do what I want, but to do what the Father wants. What the Father wants is that I lose none but bring back all that the bad ones took away, and raise them all up on the last day. The ones who look to me, I will raise them up on the last day to live forever.

Then some of the people were whispering, Isn’t this the son of Joseph and Mary, how can He say, I came down from heaven? Jesus told them, Don’t whisper about this to yourselves. No man can come to Me except the Father pull him to Me. And I will raise him up from being dead on the last day.



God teaches everyone and the ones who hear will come to Me.



Not any have seen the Father, except the One from God. He has seen the Father in heaven.

Jesus told them, I tell you the truth. Whoever believes on Me has the special life that lasts forever. I am the bread of life. The bread that comes down from heaven that keeps you from dying.




I am the food for the heart that is forever living. Whoever eats that bread will live forever. I am giving My body to save the life of the world.

So the people were arguing saying, How can we eat him? Jesus told them, Unless you do, you have no life in you. Jesus was showing them that what you think about, your heart is eating and if its Him, you will live forever and not ever die.

If you learn about Me and want Me and think about Me, you will be alive and I will lift you up from being dead on the last day; Because who I am is really food for the heart, and what I will do is really good to drink.

Just like the Father who made everything sent Me and I live by Him, the ones who want Me lives in Me and I live inside Him. This is the bread that came down from heaven, not like the bread that came down in the wild lands. The people ate that bread but died. The ones who eat the bread from heaven will be alive with the best life forever.

Jesus told the people this stuff in the church house in Capernaum and when many of the followers heard it they said, This is too hard to think about. Jesus asked them, Does this make you upset? Then what will you think when you see the Son of man lifted up right off the world into heaven?


It is the spirit that lives inside you that makes alive, not the body. The words I tell you, They are spirit and they are life.

Jesus always knew from the start of everything who would want Him and be saved and He knew the one who would sell Him to get money.

Lots of the people went away from Jesus after this, but 12 ones who were with Him from the start stayed with Him. Jesus said to them, Will you go away too?  Peter said, Where could we go? You have the words that will live forever. And we believe that you are the special promised One, the Son of the Living God.