Jesus, God’s Son from heaven, kept talking to the people to tell them how to live in His kingdom.

He said, Don’t do good stuff and bring presents to the Lord God for men to see you and say how good you are; the men’s good words about you is your reward.


Don’t blow a trumpet when you give presents to God or do a good thing for someone or help the poor because then men will hold you high in their hearts and say good words about you and that will be your reward.

Do your good things in secret where no one sees you. Don’t even let your one hand know what your other hand is doing. Then your Father who is in heaven and sees the secret things you do will give you big rewards where everyone can see.


When you pray, don’t be like the puffed up ones. They love to pray standing in front of people in the temples and street corners. The people say how good they are and that’s why they do it. It makes them feel special about themselves.

But when you pray, go inside your closet and shut the door and talk to your Father in secret, and your Father who sees you in secret will give you rewards where everyone can see.

And when you pray, don’t say empty words over and over again. That’s what the ones who turn away from Me do. They think I will hear because they use so many words. Don’t be like them because your Father in heaven knows what you need before you ask Him.



Pray like this, say, Our father who is in heaven, You are the most special One.

Bring your kingdom now and do in this world what You want to, like you do in heaven.


Give us our food for today, and every day and forgive all the bad stuff we do and what we owe to you or anyone else.

Don’t lead us into testing us, but keep us far away from bad stuff because the kingdom and the power and the special brightness are all yours only, forever. We believe this.



Jesus said to the people, If you let go and forgive the bad stuff people do to you, your Father in heaven will forgive you the bad stuff you do.



But if you don’t let go and forgive the bad stuff people do to you, your Father in heaven won’t forgive the bad stuff you do.


And when you stop doing all your stuff to spend special time with God, don’t make a sad face so that men will know that you are doing it, so men will see them and say how good they are. That is the reward they will get.

But you, when you stop everything to spend special time with God, wash your face and comb your hair and look your best. Do it in secret for your Father in heaven only to see and he will reward you where everyone can see.


Don’t store up your treasures on in this world where they can rust or moths eat them or where robbers sneak in and take them. But save up your treasures in heaven where nothing can ruin it or steal it.




Where your treasure is, your heart will be there too.

The light for the body is your eye, what your heart looks at. If your heart looks at the Lord, the one important thing, then your body will be full of light.


But if you look at bad stuff or the bad one, your whole body will be full of darkness, big deep darkness.

No man can be for two leaders because he will like one better and hate the other one. He will hold tight to the one he likes and think the other one is yukky. You can’t be for God the most and for money the most.



I am telling you, Jesus said, Don’t think about your life, what you will eat, or what you will drink, or about your body, what clothes to put on.




Isn’t being alive more than eating food and putting on clothes?

Watch the birds of the air, they don’t plant seeds and gather the grain into barns, but your Father in heaven feeds them. Aren’t you better than the birds?




Can any of you make yourself a foot taller by thinking about it?

And why do you think about clothes all the time? Look at the lilies in the field. They don’t weave cloth or sew clothes. I tell you that Solomon in all his fine robes was not dressed as good as the lilies.


If God puts such pretty clothes on the field, which the sun burns up the next day, won’t He keep better clothes on you, O you ones with such itty bitty faith?




So don’t think about what the food you are going to eat or the clothes you are going to wear. That’s what the other countries do.

Keep looking for the kingdom of God first and all the right stuff He does and gives to you, and then all these things of food and clothes and everything will be given to you.

Don’t think about tomorrow. Tomorrow will think enough about itself. Each day will have enough bad stuff in it.