When Jesus was leaving the temple with His helpers they said, Look at all this beautiful house for You. Jesus told them, Not one stone will be left standing on top of another. This will all be thrown down into a pile of trash.

When they got to the mountain Jesus sat down and they asked Him, When will this happen? Jesus told them, Don’t let anyone trick you because many people will come saying they are Me and trick many people. When you hear about countries fighting each other all over the world, don’t be upset. That stuff has to happen. And the ground will shake a lot and people won’t have enough food. That is the start of the trouble that happen before I come back.

Listen, they will arrest you and beat you and bring you to stand in front of kings because you believe in Me. Don’t plan out what you will say because My Holy Spirit will give the right words I want you to say when it is time.

Families will be against each other and children will tell on their parents so that they are killed. All the people in the world will hate you because they are from the bad one. But just wait and keep looking at Me to the end and you will be saved.

When you see that bad one put a stature of himself in My special holy place, then run and hide in the hills, that is the sign. And don’t go back to your house to get your stuff, just run.

Pray that that day of the sign doesn’t happen in wintertime when it is cold. There will be so much trouble in those days that I will come back early, before it is time, or all will be killed. But I will come back.

If someone says, Look, He is here, or, He is there, don’t listen or believe them because many will be showing lying signs and doing lying miracles and saying they are Me. I’m telling you everything about it before it happens. The light of the sun will go out and the moon will stop shining and the stars will fall out of the sky and the powerful ones in the heaven will be shook up.




Then you will see the promised Son of man, coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great big shiny brightness.





And He will send His angels to go around and gather all His people from all around the world and from the four winds of heaven.

Like the fig tree, When the branch starts to get leaves on it you know that summer is coming soon. Just like that, when you see these things I told you start to happen, then you know that I’m coming back soon. Those years won’t pass by until it has all happened. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words won’t pass away.

No man knows what day it will be or what hour it will happen except My Father, I don’t even know it. So watch and pray because you don’t know when it is time. It is like a man going on a far away trip who leaves his stuff with his workers and says, Watch for when I come back. So you always be watching because you don’t know if I’m coming in the morning or at lunchtime or the middle of the night. So watch and be ready.

When it was time for the party about when the Lord God brought His people out of being slaves in Egypt, the leaders made plans to try to kill Jesus.

Jesus was eating at someone’s house and a lady who had done some bad stuff that Jesus forgave, came and poured some perfume oil that cost a whole lot of money on Jesus feet. Some of the helpers said she wasted it and she should have sold it to give money to the poor.

Jesus told them, Stop bothering her. This is a good thing she did for Me. You can help the poor whenever you want. Wherever people tell about Me, what she did for me will be told too because it was special to Me.


The first day of the party, Jesus sent two of His helpers into the city to get a room ready to eat the special dinner.

When they were eating, Jesus told them, One of you is going to sell Me to be killed by the leaders. They were all sad and said, Is it me? Jesus told them it is the one who dips his hand in the gravy dish with Me. Everything that was said will happen to Me and really bad stuff will happen to the one who sells Me. It would be better if that one had not been born.





Jesus took the bread and blessed it and broke it and said, Take this and eat it. It is My body.


Then He took the wine and thanked His Father in heaven for it and said, This is My blood of the new deal, it is spilled for many. I won’t drink this fruit from the vine until I drink it in My kingdom with you.

Then they sang a song of praise to God and left and went up to the mountain of olives.

Jesus told them, You will all go away and leave me tonight because the special writings from God say, I will spank the shepherd and the sheep will run away everywhere. But after I come back alive again, I will go ahead of you and meet you in Galilee.

Peter said, I will never turn away and leave you. Jesus told him, I say the truth, tonight, before the rooster crows in the morning two times, you will say you don’t know me three times. But they all said, We won’t ever leave you.

When they got to the garden called Gethsemane, Jesus told his helpers, Sit here while I go over there and pray. Jesus was really amazed and upset about the bad stuff that was about the happen to Him. He said, O My Daddy God, You can do anything. Don’t let me have to do this. But I will do what You know is best.

When Jesus got back to the helpers they were all asleep. Jesus told them, Watch and keep praying so you won’t fall. The Spirit wants to do right, but the body is weak.

Jesus went to pray again the same prayer three times and each time He came back His helpers were asleep. Then He said, Get up, let’s go. They are coming to get Me.

And they were there to arrest Jesus with swords and big sticks. The one who sold Jesus came up and kissed Him because that was the sign to show which one Jesus was. One of the helpers took a sword and was trying to split one of the men’s head open, but missed and cut off his ear. Jesus fixed it and said, Did you come to arrest Me like I was a robber? I was in the temple every day teaching, Why didn’t you come then to get Me?

They took Jesus away and made a trial but did it all wrong, pushing it through because Jesus had never done anything wrong.

People kept telling all kinds of lies about Jesus but nothing agreed. Jesus just stood there quiet until the high priest demanded, Are you the Son of the God? Jesus said, I am. And you will see the Son of man sitting on the right side of all God’s mighty power and coming in the clouds of heaven. Then they all agreed He was guilty and covered his face and punched Him.




First thing the next morning the leaders took Jesus away to the Roman leader and that leader asked lots of questions but didn’t find anything bad in Jesus.

At the time of the party in Jerusalem the Roman leader let go a bad one out of jail, so the leader asked, Shall I let Jesus go. The people yelled loud, No, let go the other one (he was a robber who had killed people). The leader asked, What do I do with Jesus? And the people yelled for Jesus to be nailed to a cross of wood. That’s the way the Roman’s killed the bad people.

The leader whose name was Pilate wanted to let Jesus go, but the people kept yelling more and more to kill Him. Then soldiers made a crown out of long sticker thorns and put it on Jesus’ head and put a purple robe on him and beat Him really bad.

Then they took Jesus up a hill called the skull and nailed him to the cross. They divided up His clothes to keep for themselves and sat down playing cards waiting for Him to die. They put a sign on His cross that said, KING OF THE JEWS. They nailed up a robber on one side of Jesus and another robber on the other side of Jesus.


People went by and said lots of bad and ugly things to Jesus making fun of Him. Let the promised king come down now from there so we can see it and believe in Him.

Then the whole world got dark from noontime until 3 in the afternoon. Jesus was yelling, My God, why have you left Me? All the bad stuff of the world was being spanked by God in Jesus’ body as He was hanging there in our place. Then Jesus breathed out His Spirit and died.


The curtain in the temple that kept God’s special place separate was torn from the top down. The top soldier watching Jesus said, This one really was the Son of God. Many ladies who were following Jesus were watching what happened to Him.

One of the leaders who didn’t do the bad stuff took Jesus body and wrapped it in nice cloth and put him in his own grave that was cut in rock wall by his house. They rolled a huge stone to cover the door.


After the rest day was over, when the sun was coming up, ladies came with spices to put on Jesus’ body. When they got to the grave they saw that the stone was rolled away and a young man was sitting there who was wearing a long white robe.


The ladies were very scared but the man told them, Don’t be scared. You are looking for Jesus who was nailed to the cross. He is not here. He came alive again from being dead and has gone ahead to meet you in Galilee. The ladies ran quick and went to tell His helpers what the angel said but they didn’t believe it. They were sad and crying.

Jesus went to show Himself in another shape to two of His followers who were walking home in the country. They went back and told the helpers. But they didn’t believe them either.

Then, when eleven helpers were sitting and eating Jesus, came and scolded them for not believing and having hard hearts because they didn’t believe what the ones who had seen Him had told them.

He said, Go all around the world and tell that I won over the bad ones and everyone can come into My kingdom for free. If you believe you will be saved and if you don’t believe, you will be forever ruined. Signs will follow the ones who believe. They will throw out bad ones from people and talk in new languages. They will pick up snakes and not be hurt. They will put their hands on sick people and the people will get well.

After Jesus said these things, they watched Him go right up into heaven to sit at the right hand of the Lord God. Then they went out everywhere and told all about it, the Lord was with them working and showing signs.