When Jesus was grown up, His cousin John was sent by the God in heaven to tell the people in Israel to come back to the Lord.




He said, Get ready, the King is here now.

John told them since the King was there now they didn’t have to take the animals as presents to the temple to show God’s love for the people but Jesus, God’s Son was here to show God’s love for everyone.

Lots of the people came to John and John dunked them under the water to show the washing away of all the bad things they did and put them in all the good that God’s Son Jesus is, starting a new life for them in God.

The priests and leaders at the temple didn’t like this at all because they liked being the boss and they had tricky ways to steal the peoples money.



When the priests and leaders came to the Jordan River to listen to John and see what he was doing, John told them, You sneaky snakes, who told you to run away from the bad stuff you are doing?

Turn away from all the bad stuff and start doing what the Lord says. Don’t say Abraham is our father because the Lord can take these rocks on the ground and make them Abraham’s children.




The axe is here to chop down all the bad trees that do bad stuff.

I am washing the bad stuff away with this river water but One is coming behind me who will burn away the bad stuff with fire and will fill the people with His Holy Spirit.

He will gather into His barn all the good ones and burn away all the bad stuff like straw with fire that won’t stop.

Then Jesus came to John at the Jordan River to be dunked in the water. But John said, No, no! I need you to dunk me and fill me with Your Holy Spirit.

Jesus said, Do it now because it is right for us to do everything the right way. So John dunked Jesus under the water because it was the sign that showed the start of new life in the Lord God of heaven. When Jesus came up out of the water, John saw the Holy Spirit come down out of heaven like a dove and land on Jesus.




And a voice came from heaven saying, This is My Son that I love with all My heart and am very happy with Him.

Then after this, the Spirit led Jesus up into the wilderness for the bad one to test him to test Him.

For 40 days and 40 nights Jesus didn’t eat any food and so He was real hungry. Then the bad one came to Him and said, If you are the Son of God, you can do anything, right? So tell these rocks to turn into bread and eat them.



Jesus told the bad one God’s words that said, Man lives by more than just food, he lives by every word that comes out of God’s mouth.

Then the bad one took Jesus into the special city, Jerusalem, and set Him at the very top of the temple and said, If you are the Son of God, show me, throw yourself down because it is written in God’s book, He will give His angels to watch over you and they will catch you and keep you from falling even if you trip over a pebble in the road.





Jesus told the bad one, It is written, Don’t test the Lord your God.

Then the bad one took Jesus up to a very high mountain and showed Jesus all the kingdoms around the whole world and said, I will give you all these kingdoms if you will bow down and love me.

Jesus said to the bad one, Get behind My back! It is written, You love the Lord your God and bow only to Him and only do what He says.




Then the bad one left Jesus and the angels came and helped Him.


Then Jesus heard that John had been taken and put in jail, so He went to Galilee.


He went to Capernaum by the beach and went there and told the people the true words of God and helped them.



This was what Isaiah said would happen, the land would see a great light where it had been dark.


Jesus called out the good news to them that the kingdom of God is coming now, Turn back to God.

And walking by the sea Jesus saw two fishermen throwing their fishing nets into the sea.



He told them, Follow Me and I will make you My helpers to catch men to be in My kingdom.



The two men, Simon Peter and his brother Andrew, dropped their nets and followed Jesus.

After that Jesus found two more fishermen, James and John. They were in a ship with their father mending their fishing nets. Jesus called them and they went straight after Him.


Jesus went all around Galilee teaching in their churches and telling the good news of His kingdom and He healed everyone who was sick and everyone who had a trouble in their body.


People everywhere heard about him and brought people from other countries all around to have their sicknesses of every kind made well.

Jesus threw out the bad spirits that were living in people and made crazy peoples thinking right and made shaking people stand strong.



Big crowds of people followed Him from everywhere.