When it was time for the party to remember when the Lord God brought the children of Israel out from being slaves in Egypt, the leaders were trying to find a way to kill Jesus, but they were afraid about what the people would do to them for it.

The badest of bad ones got inside of one of Jesus followers and he went and told the leaders how to trap Jesus. They paid him money. When the party day was there Jesus was eating in a man’s house with his closest followers and said, I wanted a whole lot to eat this with you before I have to take all the spanking for you.

He took the bread and told them, Next time I eat this food with you it will be in the kingdom of God. Then He took the bread and thanked the Father in heaven for it and broke it and gave it to them and said, This is My body that is given to save you. Do this to remember Me. Then after they ate their supper Jesus took the cup of wine and thanked the heavenly Father and said, This is the new way of My blood that is given for you.

Then the followers were arguing about which one of them was the greatest so Jesus told them, Whoever wants to be the greatest, let him be the server of everyone. You have been the ones who stayed with Me, Jesus told them so I give you a kingdom like My Father is giving Me a kingdom.

Then Jesus told Peter, The bad one wants to test you to see if he can find bad stuff. After you finish, make your brothers strong. Jesus asked them, When I sent you out to teach and heal people, did you have everything you needed? They said, Yes. Jesus told them, Now when you go you will need to take money and the things you need because I won’t be here.


Then Jesus took them to the Mt of Olives to pray. He told the followers, Pray and ask God that you don’t go into being tested.




Then Jesus prayed to the Father in heaven that he not have to be spanked for everyone in the world who ever lived. But I will do what you want, Jesus told His heavenly Father. Then an angel came from heaven to make Jesus strong.

The leaders came with soldiers to take him away. One of the followers came up and kissed Jesus to show the soldiers which one to arrest. Jesus asked him, Do you give me away to them with a kiss? Jesus asked the ones who came to get him, Did you come to get me like a robber or killer with swords and clubs? I was with you in the temple every day teaching and healing people.


At the trial they tied Jesus up and hit him with sticks and their fists and put a blindfold on Him and said, Tell us which one hit you. After the beatings the judge came and said, Tell us if you are the special promised one. Jesus said, If I tell you, you won’t believe Me or let me go.



But after this, from now on you will see the Son of man sit on the right side of the power of God.

The big crowd of people got up and took Jesus to the Roman ruler of the land and said, We found this man trying to be king, saying that He is the king. The leaders told the Roman ruler lots of lies about Jesus but the man saw it was not true and didn’t want to kill Jesus but the people kept pressing and pressing him to do it. They took Jesus to the higher ruler and he just wanted to see Jesus do some fun miracle.

They wanted to let Jesus go but the people kept yelling, Hang him on a cross! Kill him! Many people followed them up to the killing place and were crying because they loved Jesus and He had helped them and cured their sickness and made alive again their dead ones.



Jesus told them, Don’t cry for Me. Cry for yourselves because of all the bad stuff coming. It will be so bad you will call out to the mountains to fall on you and cover you up.

They put Jesus on a cross with a robber on each side of Him. Jesus talked to His Father in heaven and said, Father forgive them. They don’t know what they are doing.



One of the robbers said, Remember Me when you get into your kingdom. Jesus told him, Today you will be with Me in the best special place, Paradise.

The whole world got dark while God spanked Jesus for all our bad stuff in our place. It took three hours and when it was done, the veil in the temple tore from the top down to the bottom and Jesus let His Spirit go out of His body.

They took His body and put it in a grave carved in the rock wall and waited for the resting day to be over.

On the first day of the week the ladies who followed Jesus came to the grave with spices to wrap up his dead body but they found the stone rolled away from the grave and Jesus’ body wasn’t in there. While they were standing there wondering where He was, two men stood by them in real shiny clothes.

The ladies were real scared and bowed down their faces to the ground. The men said, Why are looking for the living One where the dead ones are? He is not here, He was raised up from being dead. Remember how He told you that when He was still in Galilee when He said, The Son of man will be given over to the hands of men who do bad stuff and will be hanged on a cross and then raised up the third day?

They remembered the words and left the grave and went and told the other followers of Jesus. But the followers there thought they were just telling them a silly story, and they didn’t believe it. Then Peter got up and went to the grave. He went inside the tomb and saw the clothes Jesus had been wearing, lying there on the stone. But Jesus wasn’t inside the clothes. So Peter went away thinking amazing things in his mind about the wonderful thing that had happened.

Two other disciples were going home from Jerusalem to their city and Jesus came walking along beside them, but He kept their eyes from seeing who He really was. He asked them, What are you talking about that you are so sad?

They said, Don’t you know what just happened here? Jesus said, What happened? They told Him, Jesus was here, a mighty one who told the people words from God and did lots of good things, healing lots of people from all kinds of sickness and throwing demons out of people and even raising up ones who had been dead.

The leaders took him and killed him. We were hoping He was the one who would save Israel. But now it is three days since this happened and some ladies came and amazed us by saying that they went to the grave and Jesus wasn’t there and they saw angels there that said Jesus was alive again from being dead.

Jesus said, How silly you are to take so long to believe what God has told you. Didn’t the promised One need to suffer those things that were told and then go into His first shiny brightness? And Jesus started at the first of the special writings from God and told them all the things they said about Himself all the way from the start when God made everything.

They still didn’t know it was Jesus that was talking to them, but they asked him to come stay and eat with them, so He went home with them for supper. When they sat down to eat, Jesus took the bread and thanked the Father for it and broke it and gave it to the two. Right then they saw who Jesus really was and He disappeared from them.

They said, Didn’t He make our hearts burn with happiness and love when He talked with us? Then they got up and walked the 7 miles back to Jerusalem and told the followers there that they had seen Jesus. They said, The Lord really is raised up from being dead.

As they were telling what Jesus said, Jesus came and stood right in the middle of them and said, Peace, Victory over everything is given to you. They were really scared when they saw Him. And thought He was a ghost. He said, Why are you upset? Come here. Look at My hands and My feet. It’s Me. Touch me, I’m real.


They still didn’t believe because they were so happy. Then Jesus said, Do you have any food here? And they gave him a piece of fish to eat and some honeycomb. Jesus took it and ate it.

Then He said, This is what I told you about when I was still with you. I told you how everything that was told about Me in the special writings from God had to happen like it was told. Then Jesus made their minds understand it all. It had to happen that the promised one suffer the spanking for everyone forever, and die to conquer death, and then come back on the third day. And so a free ticket into heaven is given to everyone who wants it, and will be told all around the world.




You are the ones who saw all these things happen.

Look at this now. I am going to send what the Father promised. So wait here in Jerusalem until God the Father sends you power from heaven.

Then Jesus led them out of the city to Bethany and He lifted up His hands and put great blessing on them. And then Jesus was carried up into heaven right in front of them while they were watching.

They saw it and bowed down and their hearts were full of love and amazing wonder for Him.

And then they went back to Jerusalem dancing all the way they were so full of happiness. And they stayed in the temple singing happy songs to God and loving Him in their hearts.