Jesus told the people, the kingdom of heaven is like a man that went out and hired some men to work in his vineyard. They agreed he would pay them a piece of money for the day so the men went out and worked from the early morning.



Later the man went and found more men and told them to go work in his vineyard and they did.



And at the end of the day when there wasn’t much time left to work, the man went and found some more men standing around and hired them too.

Then when the workday was over the man called the men to come get their pay and he paid the last ones first the same amount as the men who worked all day long.




The men who worked all day long fussed with the man because they thought he should give them more money.

The man told them, My friend, I am not doing you wrong. This morning you thought this was a good amount of money for working all day. Is it wrong for me to be kind to these other men who worked only a little while? Can’t I do what I want with my own money? Take your money and go home with what you earned. I will give these last ones the same as you.



Are you thinking bad because I am good? So the last ones will be first and the first ones last. I call lots to Me, but only few are picked special.

Then Jesus went up to Jerusalem with His 12 special followers and said, We are going to Jerusalem where the leaders will arrest me and make fun of me and beat me and kill Me, but I will come back to life on the 3rd day.

The Mom of two of Jesus followers came and said, I want you to do what I want for me. Jesus said, What is it? The lady said, I want you to let my two son sit by you in your kingdom, one on the right side of you and one on the left side of you.


Jesus told her, You don’t understand what you are asking. Are you able to do the hard thing that I am doing? They told Him, We are able.




Jesus said, Yes you will do the hard thing but it isn’t for me to say who will sit on My right side and on My left side. The Father in heaven picks who will sit there.

When the other ten special helpers heard what the two brothers were asking they were mad, but Jesus told them, You know that the leaders of the countries of the world act like big stuff, being boss over everybody, but you are not supposed to be like them. Any of you who want to be great, be the little one and do the hard things, serve others well because I came down from heaven to serve and give My life to buy back everyone from the bad stuff, not to be the boss over everything.





When they left Jericho a big bunch of people followed them and two blind men were sitting beside the road.

When they heard that Jesus was walking by they yelled out to him, Have kindness on us, Lord, Son of David. The crowd of people told them, Be quiet! But the two blind men yelled louder.

Jesus stood still and called the men to come to Him. He said, What do you want Me to do for you? They said, Lord, open our eyes so we can see. Jesus’ heart filled with love for them and He touched their blind eyes and right then they could see, and the two men followed Jesus.

When they got close to Jerusalem, Jesus sent two of His followers to go to the village and bring a little donkey to Him. He said, If the man says, what are you doing taking my little donkey, tell the man, The Master needs him, and he will let you take him.

Then Jesus rode the little donkey into the city of Jerusalem to fill the words written about Him in the special writing many years before, that told signs so the people would know Him, when the Son of God came down to be with men.





The words said, Look, your King comes not puffed up but sitting on a little donkey.

A big, big bunch of people went in front of Jesus laying their clothes on the ground for the donkey to walk over. And lots of people cut down leafy tree branches and spread them in the road.

The people were shouting loud, Sing and be happy to the Son of David; happiest is the One who comes in the Lord, Best happiness in the highest places.


When Jesus got into Jerusalem the people asked, Who is this? The people told them, Jesus from Nazareth in Galilee.

Then Jesus went into the temple and threw out all the ones there who were selling stuff and tipped over the money tables and said, My house is to be a house to talk to God in, not a place to sell stuff. You have made My house a cave of robbers.

Then blind people and crippled people came to Jesus in the temple and He healed them and made everyone all better from all their sicknesses. Children were yelling and saying, This is the One who will save us, the Son of David.

The leaders were mad when they heard and told Jesus, Don’t you hear what they are saying? Jesus told them, Haven’t you read in the special writing from God that children have the best special words for God?


Then Jesus left and went out to a city called Bethany to stay the night.

Then next morning Jesus was going back into the city and He was hungry. When he came to a fig tree he was hoping to eat some figs, but the tree didn’t have any figs on it yet. Jesus said, Don’t let any fruit ever grow on this tree. And the fig tree dried right up.

When His followers saw it they said, Look how quick the fig tree dried up! Jesus told them. It is true that if you have faith and don’t doubt, you can do more than dry up a fig tree, you can say to the mountain, Be gone and thrown into the sea and it will happen.




Whatever you ask in praying, believe it and you will get it.

Then the temple leaders came and said to Jesus, Who told you that you could do these things? Jesus said, Let me ask you, Did John do stuff from God or men?

The leaders thought about it and said, If we say men then the people will stone is because they think John was from God but if we say from God, then Jesus will ask us, why didn’t you believe him. So Jesus trapped them in their own words and they said, We can’t tell where John was from. Jesus told them, Then I won’t tell you who told Me to do these things.

Jesus asked them, A man had two sons and told them to go work in his vineyard. The first one said, I won’t go work but later he went and did the work. The second one said, I will go work, but he didn’t go. Which one did what the man wanted? They told him, the one who went and did the work.

Jesus said, the tax-collectors and bad ladies go into God’s kingdom before you because John came telling the way to get into the kingdom heaven and they heard John and believed what he said, but you did not believe him.

Jesus said, Hear about this: A man planted a vineyard and put a wall of bushes around it and dug a place to press out the wine and built a tower and then he paid other men to grow the crops for him and went to a country far away.

When it came time for the crops to be ready the man sent some servants to get some the grapes. But the men took the servants and beat them and killed some of them.



So the man sent other servants to get the grapes. They were hurt and killed too. So the man sent his son to get what was his.

The men said, This is the one who will get it all, let’s kill him and take it all for us. So they caught and killed the son. Now what will the man who owns the vineyard do those men?

They answered back, He will hurt and kill those bad men and give the vineyard to ones who will give him the fruit when the grape season comes.

Jesus told them, Didn’t you ever read the words in the special writings from God that the ones the builders threw away, that same one makes it all stand tall forever. It is the Lord that does this and it is amazing.

So I say to you leaders that the kingdom of heaven will be taken away from you and given to a country that will bring the fruits to the owner. Whoever falls on this rock will be broken, but the one it falls on will be crushed into powder.

The leaders of the temple knew that Jesus was talking about them and they wanted to arrest and kill Him, but they were scared of the big bunches of people because the people thought Jesus was telling them God’s words.