Jesus told a story to show people to always keep praying when you have a trouble or need something and don’t give up. He said, There was a lady who needed help against bad trouble from some people. The judge didn’t like God but helped the lady because she kept asking and asking him. Won’t God do much better for His kids? I tell you, He will help them real fast.

Next Jesus showed to not be puffed up about what you do, or think you are better than other people. Two men were standing in the temple praying and one said, I pray a lot and help lots of people and give lots of money. Another man stood far away and said wouldn’t even lift up his head. He only said, God show Your special love to me, because I’m bad. The last man went away with God smiling on him. I tell you, You won’t get to go into the kingdom unless you be like a little child.

Then another one asked Jesus, What can I do to get into the kingdom? Jesus told him, You know what is in the special writings from God. The man said, I always do all that stuff. Jesus told him, If you want to be perfect, sell your stuff and give the money to the poor and come follow me. The man went away sad because he had lots of stuff that he didn’t want to sell.

Jesus told his helpers, It’s really hard for rich people to get into the kingdom of God. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into the kingdom. The helpers said, Then who can be saved? Jesus told them, No one can do it; but God can get you in because He can do everything. Peter said to Jesus, We left everything to come follow you. What will be get in heaven? Jesus said, No one leaves anything for Me that doesn’t get back lots more now and life forever in the world that is coming.

Then Jesus told his followers, I am going up to Jerusalem and all the bad stuff the special writings say will happen to Me, but they didn’t understand what He told them.

As they came close to Jericho a blind man was sitting by the road begging for food or money. He asked what all the noise was; and when they told him Jesus was going by he yelled, Jesus, Son of David, be kind to me.

The people told him to be quiet but Jesus stopped and said, Bring that man to Me. When the blind man was in front of Jesus, Jesus asked him, What do you want me to do for you? The man said, I want to see. Jesus said, See, and the man could see. Jesus told him, Your faith saved you. The man was so happy and kept telling God how good He is. When the people saw it they were saying the best things to God.

When Jesus went through Jericho there was a short little man, a tax collector that everyone hated. He ran and climbed up a tree to see Jesus. Jesus said, Come down, I’m going to eat at your house today. The little man was really happy. The man had taken too much tax money from lots of people and that’s why they hated him. He stood up and said to Jesus, Lord, I’ll give half of my money to the poor and whatever I took that wasn’t mine, I’ll give back four times more.

Jesus said, Your house is saved today because you are a son of Abraham too. The Son of Man came to get back everything that was lost. Then Jesus showed how the kingdom wasn’t coming right then. He said, A man who owned lots of farms and businesses went to a far country because a kingdom was given to him there. So before he left he called his 10 servants and set them over his land and businesses to take care of them.

When he came back from the far kingdom, He called the 10 servants to give back what they were supposed to take care of. The first one said, What you gave me is doubled ten times. The man said, You did good. I will make you in charge over 10 cities. Another one said, What you gave me is doubled five times. The man told him, Good, I will make you in charge over 5 cities.

But the next one said, I knew you were real hard and so I hid away the money you gave me. Here it is. Jesus told him, That was bad. If you knew I was hard, why didn’t you give it to the bank to make money with it until I came back? Then they took the money from him and gave it to the one who doubled ten times.

Jesus said, To the ones that have more will be given because lots is given to everyone. But if you won’t use it, it will be taken away. The ones who hated the man and wouldn’t let him be king over them were taken away forever.

Then Jesus went into Jerusalem riding on a little donkey and the people laid palm branches and their clothes in the path before Him. All the people came out and were saying, Happy is the King that comes in the name of the Lord, peace in heaven and the shiny brightness of in the highest places. But the rulers said, Master, tell them not to say that. That’s only to say to God. Jesus said, I tell you, If they keep quiet, the rocks on the ground will yell it out.

When Jesus saw the city he cried tears and said, If you knew this day and what is done for you to be quiet and happy. But now it is hid from your eyes. Days are coming when enemies will dig a big hole all around you and every stone of you will be crumpled down to dirt and trash because you didn’t know the time when God came to you.

Then Jesus went inside the temple and threw out the ones who were selling stuff there. He told them, It is written in the special writings, My house is the house of prayer but you have made it a cave of robbers. Then Jesus taught every day in the temple. But the leaders were planning how to catch Him and kill him. But they couldn’t do anything because all the people were crowding around Jesus wanting to hear what He said.

When Jesus was teaching in His house, the temple, the leaders asked, Who said you could be in here doing this? Jesus is so smart that he asked them back a question that made them be quiet.

Then He told the people about leaders who do a bad job of taking care of God’s people. How they even want to kill God, who gave them life, and take His stuff.  The leaders got mad and tried to trick Jesus to say a bad thing so they could arrest him and kill Him. Jesus told them to give God what is right and give the leaders what is right.

Then they asked Jesus a silly made up, question about a lady who was married to seven men, one after another, who were all brothers. Who’s wife will she be in heaven? Jesus told them, The children in this world get married, but not in heaven. They won’t get married to each other and won’t be able to die any more but are equal to the angels. They are children of God and children of being alive from death.

Some of you don’t think you can come back from being dead, but that’s not true. Moses said so. When he talked to God at the burning bush he called the Lord the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. He is not the God of dead ones, but living people. All come from Him and live to Him. Then the leaders were afraid to ask any more questions.

Jesus showed them how the God from heaven could be a man in the world. He had to be born into the world like a little baby. That was promised from when Adam and Even first did bad in the garden called Eden. Even David, in the writing of the songs, it says about the Lord, a son of David will sit at the right hand of God the Father. How then could he be David’s son?

Jesus told the people, Watch out for what these leaders and writers tell you. They love to walk around in long beautiful robes and sit in the best places at restaurants and be bowed down to at the store. But they steal the money and land that poor little old ladies have to live on. And they pretend to be good be standing up in front of people making real long prayers. They will get a bigger spanking from God.

Jesus watched the people putting their money into the offering box and saw a poor lady with no husband put in two little pennies. He told his followers, I tell you what is true, This lady put in more than all the others because she put in the last money she had.

Some of them showed Jesus the beautiful buildings of the temple and Jesus told them, Not one of these beautiful stones will be left standing here. It will all be smashed. Then the ones listening said, When will that happen? Jesus told them, Hear this and don’t be tricked because many men will come saying they are Me and will trick many people. Don’t go after them.

When you hear of fighting’s and troubles and wars, Don’t be scared. All this bad stuff has to happen first. Countries will go fight each other and try to take each other’s stuff. But it isn’t the end yet. There will be big shakings of the ground and not enough food people to eat and bugs swarming everywhere and sicknesses and real scary stuff to see and big signs in heaven.

Leaders will arrest you and put you in jail and you will be brought in front of kings because of Me. Don’t plan what you will say. Because I will be there with you and tell you what to say when it is time.  Not one hair on your head will be hurt. Be quiet inside and keep your eyes looking at Me in your heart.

When you see armies coming all around Jerusalem, run to the mountains and stay there. Get out of the city because big trouble will be there. There will be signs in the sun and the moon and in the stars and the waves of the oceans will be tall and roaring and the powers of heaven will be all shook up.

Then they will see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great shiny brightness. When this starts to happen, lift up your heads to God because the time is right then.

Just like when the leaves come out on a fig tree you know it is almost summer, when you see this stuff happen you will know that it is time. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.

So watch your heart that it doesn’t become full of stuff of the world and too much drinking and worry about this life. Keep watching and praying that you will be saved from all this and have done what I said, so you can stand in front of the King.

Jesus went out at night and stayed in the mountain called Olives and the people came early in the morning to hear Him in the temple.