Then the two kinds of leaders came to Jesus and asked Him to show them a special miracle that would prove to them that He was God from heaven.  Jesus told them, In the morning you say it will be a good day if the sky is red but a bad stormy day if the it is red and gloomy. If you can tell what kind of day it will be by looking at the sky, why can’t you tell that it is the time of the world for God to be here with you. Bad, bad people ask to see special signs, but I won’t give you any except the special sign about Jonah.



Jesus left with his followers and they had forgot to take food. Jesus told them stay away from the food of these leaders words because their stuff puffs you up in your heart.

The followers were wondering what Jesus was meaning and thought, He said that because we forgot to bring some bread to eat. Jesus knew what they were thinking and said, Why do you think that, O you little faiths? Remember how I turned the 5 loaves and 2 fish into enough food to feed the 5,000 and the seven loaves that fed the 4,000.  Then they got it that Jesus was telling them to stay away from thinking about the stuff that the leaders were teaching that puffs people up and makes it about themselves and not about God.

When the ship came to the shore of another town Jesus asked his followers, Who do people think that I am? Peter told Him, You are the Special One that God promised to send, the Son of the Living God. Jesus told Peter, You are very special because My Father in heaven showed you that this is true about Me.


I will build My new way on you, Peter, in this world. And all the leaders of hell won’t be able to stop you. Everything you let go on earth will be let go and everything you stop on the world will be stopped.


Then Jesus told His followers not to tell anyone that He was the special Son of God that the Lord God  sent into the world.

Jesus started getting His followers ready to know that He was about to go to Jerusalem and be the Lamb that God would give to take away the sins of the whole world. Peter said, No, Lord, that will never happen to you. But Jesus told Peter, Get behind me, you are talking like the bad one. You are being yukky because you aren’t thinking about God’s way but the man’s way.


If anyone wants to come after Me he has to let go of his own way and follow My way. If you want to keep your own way, you can’t find My way.

But whoever gives up his own way for Me will find the best life, full of amazing things. What good is it to get everything the way you want and to get everything you want and then die? What can you pay to keep your soul?

Because the Son of Man, will come back to this world in the full shiny brightness of the Father with all His angels and give to everyone what their work deserves. Some of you standing here with Me won’t die until you see the Son of man coming into His kingdom.

Six days after that Jesus took Peter and James and John and brought them up into a high mountain away from everyone. Jesus changed in front of them to become most beautiful One and shining as bright as the sun. And His clothes were as shiny as light.





And Moses and Elijah came down from heaven and talked with Jesus.

It was so wonderful that Peter said, Let’s build three houses for you here: one for You and one for Moses and one for Elijah. While Peter was making his own plans a shiny bright cloud came on the mountain, making a shadow on them and the Lord God, Jesus Father in heaven,  said, This is My most loved Son, I am most happy with Him, listen to what He says.

When the followers heard the words they fell down on their faces and were really scared. But Jesus came and touched them and said, Get up, don’t be scared. And when they looked up they saw only Jesus.




Jesus told his followers, Don’t tell anyone what you just saw until after I get back from being dead.

They asked Him, Why do the writers say Elijah must come back before You? Jesus told them, He already came and they killed him. The Son of man will be treated bad in the same way before the good end comes.

When they got down the mountains a man came to Jesus to have the bad one thrown out of his little boy. He said, Your disciples couldn’t do it. Jesus told them, O you tiny faith ones, How long until you get it that I have all the power over these bad ones? Jesus told the bad one to get out and never come back. And the boy was made all well right then.

Then Jesus followers went to Him and asked, Why couldn’t we throw out that bad one? Jesus told them, You didn’t believe it. I tell you that even the tiniest speck of faith will move a mountain if you tell it. But this kind needs you pray about it before it will go away.

Jesus and his followers stayed in Galilee for a while and Jesus told them that the leaders were going to arrest Him and kill Him, but that after 3 days Jesus would come back alive again and never ever die after that. This made His followers were really sad.




Then when they came to a city called Capernaum, a tax collector came to Peter and asked, Does your master pay taxes? Peter told him, Yes.

And when they got into the house Jesus asked Peter, Who do the kings of the world take taxes from? their own children or the ones from other families? Peter told Jesus, The ones from other families. Jesus told him, Then the children are free. But so we don’t upset them, Go down to the ocean and throw in a fishing hook and take up the first fish and open its mouth and you will find a piece of money in its mouth. Take that to the taxman for you and for Me.

Jesus’ followers came to Him and asked Him, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? Jesus called a little child to Him and said, Unless you turn and be like little children, you won’t even get into the kingdom of heaven. But if you make yourself little in your heart like a little child, then you will be great in the kingdom of heaven.


And whoever wants to help one of these little ones helps Me, and whoever hurts one of My little ones hurts Me. It would be better for him to tie a big rock around his neck and jump into the ocean than to hurt one of these little ones that believes in Me, Jesus told them.

Cut off anything of you that does bad stuff. It is better to lose it than to always be burning in the lake of fire forever. Be careful not to hate any of these little ones that leans on Me because the angels in heaven that watch over them are always watching the face of My Father who is in heaven.

Jesus told them, I came to save everything that was lost or taken by the bad ones. My Father in heaven doesn’t want to lose even one of these little ones.

If someone does bad to you, go and tell him and see if he will make it better. If he won’t, then take someone with you to talk to him and if he won’t listen, then tell the others and don’t talk to him anymore or be with him anymore.

Whatever you tie up in the world will be tied up in heaven and whatever you untie in this world will be let loose in heaven. If two of you say the same about anything in the world it will be done for you by my Father who is in heaven.



Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, How many times am I supposed to forgive when someone does bad to me? Seven times? Jesus said, Seventy times seven.

The kingdom of heaven is like a king who asked his helpers to come and tell what they had been doing to help him. One man had used $10,000 of the kings money and didn’t have anything to pay back to the king. But the king felt sad for the man and was kind to him and let it all go so that the man didn’t have to pay it back.

But then the man went out and found a friend who owed him just $10 and started choking him and said, Pay it back now! But when the king’s men saw what happened they told the king, and the king called the man and said, I let go everything you owed. Why didn’t you let got the little bit that your friend owed to you?


Then the king gave the man to the troublers until he paid back all that he owed the king. Jesus said, that is what My heavenly Father will do if you don’t let go all the bad stuff other people have done to you from your heart.

When Jesus was finished telling the people all these things, He left there and went to Galilee. Lots of bunches of people followed Him and he made them all better from all their sicknesses.

The leaders came to Jesus and asked, Can a man put away his wife for any reason. Jesus said, Didn’t you read at the beginning God made one woman for each man? God joins them to each other and they are one person. What God joins you shouldn’t take apart.

The followers said, Then why did Moses let them split up? Jesus told them, Because your hearts are hard Moses let it happen, but I tell you, if you do it you are doing bad and making them do bad too. They said, Then it isn’t good to get married. So Jesus told them, Some stay apart from when they are born and some stay apart to help grow the kingdom of heaven. Whatever is given from My Father for each one, do that.

Then people brought their little children to Jesus so He could touch them and bless them. But His followers said, Go away, don’t bother Jesus. But Jesus said, Let the little ones come to Me because the kingdom of heaven is made up of little ones like these. And Jesus put his hands on the little children and gave His blessings on them.

The young man said, I always do all that stuff from when I was little. Then Jesus told the young man, If you want to be really perfect, go sell everything you have and give the money to the poor and you will have piles of treasure in heaven and come and follow Me where I go. The young man went away really sad because he had lots of stuff and didn’t want to sell it.

Jesus told his followers, It’s true what I tell you that it’s really hard for a rich man to go into heaven. It is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go into heaven. Jesus followers were amazed then and said, So who then can get into heaven? Jesus told them. For men it can’t be done, but God can do everything.

Peter asked Jesus, We left everything to come follow you. So what do we get for that then? Jesus told them, It is true what I tell you, That you who followed Me, when everything is made new and I sit on the throne of the great shiny brightness of the Lord, you will sit on 12 thrones being judges/ leaders over the 12 families of Israel.

Whoever left their house or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for Me will get back 100 x as much and will live on and on forever and ever.





Many who are first will be last and the last ones will be first.