Jesus told his followers, I am the true vine and My Father is the One who grows and waters the vine and cares for the vine. You are the little vines in Me. Every little vine in Me that doesn’t make fruit My Father takes away.

Everyone little branch of Me that makes some fruit, My Father cleans it and trims it so that it makes more fruit. Stay in Me and I in you and you will make lots of fruit. You only make fruit by staying in Me. If a man doesn’t stay in Me, he dries up.

If you stay in Me, and I in you, you can ask whatever you want and it will be done for you. This shows how much power and shiny brightness My Father has when you make lots of fruit, lots of happy thoughts and love going up to God in heaven. That is how you will be My followers.

Just like the Father loves Me, Jesus told them, that is how I love you. Stay in My love. If you keep doing what I say you will stay in My love, just like I keep doing what the Father says and stay in His love.

I tell you this so you will always be full of fun happiness and that My fun happiness will be in you and will be full of happiness. This is My rule for you, that you love each other like I have love you. No man has a bigger love than that he give up his life for His friends.


You are My friends if you do what I say. From now on I won’t call you My servants but I will call you My friends. Because everything I heard from My Father I told you.

You didn’t pick Me, but I picked you and put special powers on you to go out and make lots of happy good fruit going up to the Father and that your fruit will always be there. And whatever you ask the Father in My name, He will give it to you.

These things I tell you to do, Love each other. If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me first. If you were doing what the world does, it would like you. But I picked you out of the world.

Remember I told you that the servant isn’t better than the Master. If they treat Me bad, they will treat you bad. They do it because they don’t know the One who sent Me. If I hadn’t come into the world and talked to them, they wouldn’t know that they did bad, but now they can’t hide their bad stuff.

The one who hates Me, hates My Father too. If I hadn’t done stuff that no one else ever did, they wouldn’t hate Me. But now they hate Me and My Father. This fills up what the special writings from God say, They hated Me for no reason.


When the special helper comes, the One I will send from the Father, the Spirit of Truth, who comes out from the Father, He will show you all about Me. And you tell about Me, too, because you saw it all from when I first came.

I tell you this so you won’t turn away. They will kick you out of the churches and even kill you and think they are doing it for God because they don’t know Him. It makes your heart sad to hear these things, but if I don’t go away, the special helper can’t come to you.

He will show the world that they need to believe in me and He will show them that I am their rightness to God. And He will show them the bad things that will happen to the bad one and to the ones who follow him and not Me.

Jesus said, I have lots more stuff to tell you but it is too much for you to get it now. But when the special helper comes, He will lead you to see it and to know what it means, everything that is true. He will show you things that are going to happen and He will show you My shiny brightness.

All things that belong to the Father are Mine and He will take what is Mine and show it to you. In a little while you won’t see Me because I’m going back to My Father in heaven. You will be sad, but then in a little while, you will be so happy and that happiness will stay with you always.

Then you will ask for what you need or want in My name and you will get what you ask for, so that you will be really, really happy.

I tell you stuff now in shadow stories, but then I will show you the Father real clear. Then you will ask in My name. The Father Himself loves you because you love Me and believe that I came from Him. I came from the Father in heaven to the world and now I leave the world and go to the Father in heaven.

Jesus told them, Soon the bad time is coming for Me and you will all run away from Me back to your houses. But I won’t be by Myself then because the Father is with Me.

I tell you all this so your hearts will be quiet and not scared. In the world you have trouble but still be happy then because I am stronger than the world and I beat it. I won all the battles for you.

Then Jesus lifted up His eyes to heaven and talked to His Father. He said, Father it is time. Put your glory on Me so that I will put it back on You. You have given Me power to give Your special forever life to everyone You gave to Me.



And this is living, to know you who are the only true God and to know Jesus who You sent.

I showed Your specialness in the world. I finished all that you gave Me to do. And now, O Father, put your own special shiny bright specialness on Me that I had with You before the world ever was.

I showed who you are to the ones in the world that you gave Me. They were Yours and You gave them to Me. And they guard what I showed them. They know that everything You gave Me is from You.





Because I told them the words that You told Me. And they guard them in their hearts because they are Yours.



All that are Mine are Yours and all Yours are Mine and My shiny bright specialness shows in them.



I won’t be in the world anymore because I come to you, but they are in the world.




Holy Father, guard the ones you gave to Me so they will be joined together in one as We are one.

While I was with them in the world I guarded them in You, and none of them is lost but the one who gave Me away, so that the special writings would be done. And now I come to you. I tell them these things in the world so they will be full of My special happiness.



I gave them Your word and the world hated them because they are not from the world anymore just like I am not from the world.





I don’t ask you to take them up to heaven now, out of the world, but I ask You to guard them from the bad one. Set them apart as special in the true words of Your special writings, they are the true words.

And like You sent Me into the world, I am sending them into the world. I kept My thinking in your special writings so that they would be in your special words too.

And I pray for the ones, too, who will hear My words that My followers tell them so will believe on Me too. So that they will all be joined together as one, like You, Father are in Me, and I am in You; so that they will be one, joined in us, so that the world will believe that You sent Me.


And the special shiny brightness and power that you gave Me, I give it to them, like we are together, and not apart. I will be in them and You in Me so they will be full and have nothing missing.


So the world will know that You sent Me and that You love them, just like You love Me.

And I ask, Father, that you bring them to be where I am, so they can see My special shiny brightness and powers that You gave Me because You loved Me before the world was made.


O right Father, the world doesn’t know You, but I know you. And these followers know that You sent Me.





I told them all about You and will keep telling them so that the love you have for Me will be in them and I will be in them.