So they brought the ark of God to Jerusalem and put it in the tent that David had made for it.






Then they gave God the gifts



that thanked Him for his great love for us and for saving us from bad things and from the bad ones.





Then David gave all the people a loaf of bread, a good piece of meat, and a jug of wine.




David set men of the family of Levi to stay with the ark of the Lord,







and to keep the list of the things that happen is Israel,




and thank Him and sing praises to Him every day because He is so good.



On that day David gave a special song he wrote for them to sing thank you to the Lord.



It said, Give thanks to the Lord, call on Him, show the people all the things He has done.





Sing to Him and talk about all the amazing things He has done.


Be very happy always that He is everything good that goes on and on forever and has no end.


God is the best and has all the best stuff. He shines so bright.




Go to Him in your heart. Go to Him to get His strength to do what you do. Always be looking at His face in your heart.


Remember all the big things he has done, amazing wonders that we can’t do. Remember how He always does what is right.




The world is full of the right things the Lord has done.



Remember how He made His special deal with us and with our families for a thousand generations, the special deal He made with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and for their children always.



The deal saying He would give us His special land, the land called Canaan for always to be our inheritance.



When there was just a few of us and we went wandering from nation to nation, from one kingdom to another kingdom.




He spoke sharply to the kings of other nations and kept them from hurting us or taking our children and our stuff.


Sing to the Lord all the earth, show how He saves us every day.

Tell how great and beautiful He is to the people of the world who have turned their back on Him. Tell all the nations of all the wonderful works He has done.




He is the highest, better than any. We should honor Him most and best.


All the gods of the people are just statues of wood and metal that can’t do anything; but the Lord made the heavens.




All brightness and power are with Him; all power and happiness are where He is.




Know and think and say that He only has the brightness and strength.


Know and say what He is worth because He is worth everything.


Come to Him, bring presents and bow down to Him and come close to Him in your hearts, filling your hearts with how special He is.




Let your hearts be filled with the beauty of His specialness.






Hold Him high in your hearts, all the world, and the world will be set solid and not move.






Let the heavens be happy,





 and the earth be happy;




and let the people say, It is the Lord who is in charge over everything.




Let the oceans make big noise to God





and let the fields sing happy songs to God.





Let the trees sing





because God is everywhere. 







He is here with us 





and he is coming 





to set things right in the world so it will all be good again.





Sing thank you to the Lord because He is good and His special love is always on us forever.

Say, Save us from all the bad things because you are our hero.



Gather us together and save us from the bad ones who turn their hearts away from You,



so that we always sing thanks to Your special name and shine with happiness in all the good things about You.




The best and the most happy is the Lord God of Israel forever and ever.

All the people said, We believe it. And they had big thoughts in their hearts to God and sang good songs to Him really loud.






Some men were picked to stay with the God’s ark and do God’s work there with it,





and to show the special love of God,




and sing songs to Him in the morning and in the evening every day



because His special love for us lasts forever and ever.