Then Job got what he had been wishing for. He had wanted so bad to go talk to God about all this. But God came to him.


Then the Lord came in a whirlwind to talk to Job. He said, Who is this talking and not knowing what he is saying? Stand up strong and let me ask you,




Where were you when I spread out the ground you walk on? What did I set it on?





Where were you when I made the stars





and the oceans?




Do you tell the sun to come up each day?




Can you walk through the bottom of the oceans and see what is there?






Do you run the world






or make the rain?




Can you lead the stars across the sky each night?







Do you hunt food for the lions





or give the ravens their food each day?

God showed Job with His questions that He is big and He is good and He knows how to do it right so Job’s heart would quit being upset and worrying and being sad.



When Job thought about these things his heart just said a big AHHHHHH, and was quiet in God.

Then the Lord asked Job, Do you know when the wild goats have their babies?



Who lets the donkeys roam about the wilderness?




Will the unicorn carry loads for you and rest by your food boxes?


Will he plow the valleys for you? Will you just let him do your work because you know that he will do it right?




Did you give the beautiful wings to the peacocks







and the feathers to the ostrich?




She leaves her eggs in the dust and forgets that someone may step on them.



She lifts up her wings and flies above the horses.




Did you make the horses strong and put thunder in their necks?






Can you make him afraid like the grasshopper?



He paws the valley and is glad that he is so strong.





He charges out against warriors and is not afraid.




Does the hawk fly because you showed him how to stretch his wings toward the south.



Do you command the eagles to lift up their wings and fly,






who make their nests far up high,




living in the rocky cliffs.





They see for far far away.






You who wish to argue with Me and correct Me, give me your answer.






Then Job said, I am so yukky.





What can I say to you who does all these things?




I will put my hand over my mouth and stop talking.


The Lord said to Job out of the whirlwind, Stand up strong and tell me, Will you make me wrong so you can be right?




Are you as strong as Me?




Can you thunder with a voice like Mine?




Put on majestic excellency for your clothes. Wrap glory and beauty around yourself like a coat.






Look at every puffed up one and make them down to their right size.






Step on the bad ones so they won’t be bad anymore.





When you can do all these things then you might be able to save yourself.





Look at this dinosaur I made.





He eats grass like a cow.

His tail moves along behind him like a cedar tree swinging back and forth in the wind.



His muscles are like rocks. His bones are like bars of iron.






He is the best animal I made. Who would dare go up to him, even with a sword in his hand?

The mountains bring their food to him where the animals play in the field. He lies in the shade covered in the reeds. He can drink up the whole river when he is thirsty. His nose pierces the biggest trap.