There were many hundreds of thousands of the children of Israel, living in God’s special promised land because the Lord God promised to make them as many as the stars of the heavens.




David gathered all the leaders together and told them, I had it in my heart to build a house for the ark of the Lord, a footstool for His feet.

But the Lord told me I would not build a house for Him but one of my sons would build the house.





For God has given me many sons.

And of my sons He chose my son, Solomon, to sit on the throne of the kingdom of the Lord God over Israel.

The Lord says that He will establish His kingdom forever if he walks in the Lord’s judgments.






Seek and follow all that the Lord says so that you can stay in His good land and keep it for your own and your children after you forever.

And you, Solomon, my son, know God and be only for Him because he searches all the hearts and minds of people.

If you go after Him in your heart you will find Him but if you go away from Him, He will throw you away forever. Now the Lord God has chosen you to build His special house.






Be strong and do it.





Then David gave Solomon the pattern for every part of the house and everything in it.





He said, the Lord God gave me to know how all this should be in writing.



Be strong to do this, don’t be scared for the Lord God will be with you to make you strong and help you get it all done just right.

David told the people, The Lord chose Solomon, my son, to be king over His people. But he is young. So all of you help him to build this house for my God.




All the people brought gold and silver



and beautiful gemstones and other things needed to make God’s house, lots and lots of everything needed.


The people were all really happy that they had so much stuff to build God the best house ever.




David talked to the Lord God and said, You are the best, the very best, ever.


You are the greatest. You have all the power and all the beauty and all the shiny brightness and the victory in everything.





Everything in heaven and earth is Yours.


You are the highest in all the universe and you are the king reigning over everything. Yours is the everywhere kingdom.







In Your hand is all the power




and you give strength to all. We thank You and say, YOU ARE THE BEST!




We brought all these things to make Your house, but everything we have all comes from You.



You look at our hearts and are glad when we think and do the right things.





Keep our hearts always following You.




They had a big party to be happy about the Lord.



David was king in Israel for forty years. He had a full life with much riches and honor and then Solomon was king after him.