When Jehoshaphat got back home to Jerusalem, a prophet who told God’s words to the people, met him and told him words from God.




He asked, Should you help the bad ones and love those who hate the Lord?



But the Lord has found some good things in you.


You took away the places where the people bow down to the bad ones and set your heart to seek God.


Because of this Jehoshaphat lived in Jerusalem and went out to bring the people back to God.

He put judges in each city and said to the judges, Watch out how you judge the people because you are doing it for God, not people; He is with you to do only what is right.

Hold the Lord highest in your heart and do this work right because God cannot do anything wrong and He sees all people as the same and does not think some are better then others because they look better or have more stuff.



You can’t pay God anything to make Him do a wrong or bad thing.





In Jerusalem Jehoshaphat put the workers at God’s house and the leaders to only do everything right and fair.




He said to them, Hold God highest in your heart and be firm to do His work with only Him in your heart.



Warn the people not to go against the Lord God so that He won’t get angry with us and let bad things happen to us. The Lord is with those who do what is good.


When the people were doing good, a great army of very many bad ones came against them to hurt them and stop them



so the king stopped everything he was doing to get quiet with God and ask Him for help.

All the people gathered to the city of Jerusalem to ask the Lord for help and Jehoshaphat stood before the people and prayed to God, saying,




You are the God of heaven. You are in charge of everything.




You are in charge over all the nations of the world, even the ones that follow the bad ones.




You are the only One who has all the power. No one can beat You.

You are our God. All the land in the world is Yours because You made it and You drove away all the people that lived in this land that You gave to us, the children of Abraham, Your friend, to keep for their own and live in forever.





And we live here and have built a special house for You to live here with us.

And You said that when bad things come, if we turn to this house where You live and ask for help, You will answer and help us.

We were good to all these people from the other countries and look at what these people have come to do to us. They want to take us out of this land you gave us and keep the land for themselves.



We have no power against this big, big army. Please help us.



God sent a man full of His Spirit to tell His people, Do not be afraid or upset about this big army. This is not your battle, but Mine.

You do not have to fight this battle. Tomorrow go down to the battle and just stand still there and watch Me win this battle for you and save you. Do not be afraid.




Tomorrow go against them because I am with you.




The king and all the people bowed down to the ground





and loved God in their hearts



and then stood up and sang really loud songs to love and thank God.


Early in the morning the people got up went out to the wilderness to the battle.


The king said to them, Listen to me, Believe in the Lord your God and you will always stand firm.

Believe the words He has told us by His prophets and you will be rich and everything you do will turn out good.

Then the king put singers out in front of the army singing about how beautiful and special the Lord God is that He has no end and is everywhere and His love for us has no end and never stops.

When the king did this, the Lord set traps against the enemies and they were struck down. All the enemies went against each other instead of the fighting the Lord’s people and they fell down dead.


God’s army then went and took all the gold and precious jewels from the enemy and there was so much that it took 3 days to gather all the riches.


The army of Israel all went home very happy because the Lord God had won over their enemies for them.


When they got to Jerusalem they went to the house of God and sang loud songs to thank Him and love Him with harps and trumpets.





All the countries around Israel were afraid of the Lord God




because they heard that the Lord God fought for Israel.




God made them afraid of His people and everywhere there was peace and rest.





And happy

One time Jehoshaphat joined with bad king Ahaziah and to make ships to go buy and sell things around the world but the Lord God broke the ships and stopped him because he joined with a bad one.






Jehoshaphat was king for 25 years.