But You, God, have a very kind heart and big love for us and are always ready to forgive us if we turn back to You.



You never leave us; You always take care of us.

The children of Israel did many bad things and even made a statue to worship, a golden calf, calling it their God. But it never did anything for them. It was just a lump of metal that stood there doing nothing.

But Your love for them is so great that you kept holding them up and leading them in a cloud in the day and a tower of fire when it was dark, to show them which way to go.



You gave them Your good Spirit to teach them, and kept raining the bread from heaven on them,





and gave them water to drink.



You did this for 40 years in the wilderness, keeping them alive. They had everything they needed.

Their clothes didn’t get old or wear out and their feet didn’t swell up.







You gave them kingdoms and nations to be theirs.





You gave them as many children as the stars in heaven.







And You brought them to Your special promised land,





the best land in the world.




You took it away from the bad ones who turned away from You




and gave them their strong cities bursting with fullness:





land and houses full of good stuff,





deep wells of cool water,







and vineyards,








olive groves,





and many fruit trees.





So the people ate until they were very full




and delighted themselves in all the good things that You did for them.






But they disobeyed and turned their backs on You and killed the men You sent to talk to them to turn back to You.




So You let their enemies have them and cause them trouble.




When they were in trouble they called out to You to help them.

You heard their cry from heaven and sent saviors to save them from the hand of their enemies.