David fought more bad enemies and God helped him win the battles.




David put forts in the land of the enemies to keep those people from being bad again.





He took all their gold





and rich treasures and put it in the house of God and used it to do good things.



God gave David to win all the battles over the enemies wherever he went.




Another king was glad that David beat the enemies



and sent a letter to David to ask how David was and put good blessings on David because David stopped the bad things the enemies were doing.




That helped all the people have good and happy lives.







That king sent David lots of gold and silver and presents.




But David gave it all to God because God helped David win the battles.




God gave David good victory and blessings in everything David did.






So David was king over all God’s people, Israel.




And he did only what was right and fair to all the people.



David fought and won many battles against the bad ones who hurt people.




Then the biggest bad one stood up against God’s people, Israel, and turned David to go against God’s word.




God had said that He would make Israel so many people that no one could count them, like the stars of the sky




and the sand on the seashore.





David sent his top general to count all the warriors of Israel.





God was not happy about this and spanked Israel.




Then David said to God, I have done a really bad thing by doing this. Please take away this bad from me.

Then the Lord sent the prophet who spoke the Lord’s words to tell David, Choose three years of not enough food, or 3 months of losing battles, or 3 days of sickness to sweep over the land.






David said, Let me fall into the hand of the Lord for His mercies are great, He is very kind.



So the Lord sent a sickness to sweep over the land for 3 days by the angel of the Lord.


When the angel got to Jerusalem, The Lord turned back from being angry and stopped the angel.


David looked up and saw the angel standing between heaven and earth over Jerusalem with a sword drawn in his hand.




David said, I sinned, these sheep didn’t do anything wrong.



The angel of the Lord commanded David to build an altar at Ornan’s threshing floor.

Ornan was threshing wheat there with his four sons. He looked back and saw the angel standing between heaven and earth.



Then David came and bought the threshing floor from Ornan and offered the gift that told of God’s great love for us.




The Lord answered by sending fire down from heaven on the altar and told the angel to put away his sword.





Then David said, This is where we will build a house for God. It must be very big and very beautiful.