After Hezekiah was done being king, his son called Manasseh was king in Israel.






He sat on the throne and was the boss over everything in the kingdom.




Manasseh was 12 years old when he was made king and he stayed king for 55 years.




He did lots of bad stuff. He bowed down to bad ones and brought back all their bad stuff in the Lord God’s city.






He even put a statue of a bad one in God’s very own house itself.

Manasseh caused God’s people to do worse to the Lord God than all the people that the Lord God had taken out of His special land.



God became very angry at all the hurt this bad stuff was causing.

The Lord God spoke to the king and the people to turn back to Him and stop doing all this bad stuff but they wouldn’t listen to Him.

So the Lord God brought a big army from another country against Israel and that army captured and took away Manasseh to their country.



But when Manasseh was in so much trouble, he cried out to the Lord God.






The Lord heard Manasseh’s prayers and brought him back to Jerusalem, to his kingdom again.

When he got back, Manasseh took away all the bad stuff out of the kingdom that he had put there and he did what the Lord God said.




When Manasseh was done being king, his son, Amon, was made the king in his place.




Amon was only king for 2 years in Jerusalem.





He did bad stuff and did not turn back to the Lord God like his father did.






Amon just did more and more bad stuff so the people of the land made a plan and killed Amon






and put Josiah as king in his place.