Elihu stood up and said, I am young and you are old. I sat here listening and didn’t talk because I thought all your many years would make you wise to have the right answer.





But I see that great men are not always wise. There is a Spirit in man,


the Spirit of the Lord God Almighty that turns the light on inside man’s head and heart and gives him to understand.




The Spirit of God made me; and the breath of the Almighty gave me to be alive.





God is gracious to us and keeps us alive.



He will never do a wrong thing. He is always fair and right.


If the Lord would gather up all of His breath, all of us, everything would disappear. It is His breath, His Spirit that keeps us all living.


Is it right to say that He who made us and keeps us living has done a wrong thing.




He strikes down wicked men and takes them away because they won’t turn back to Him.




Do you think it’s right to say that you are more right than God?





Look out into the heavens and see how big God is.




God is the strongest







and wisest






but He doesn’t look down on anyone or make them feel little, though they are little.





His eyes always watch






people who do the right thing.




He lifts up and holds up forever,





the ones who follow Him.



He gives them many good days and many good blessings.




He allows trouble so that people will turn back and follow Him.




God is very high in power and teaches us many things.




There is no end to the number of years that He has lived.






He makes the small drops of water to pour down from the sky




so the plants can live.





He spreads out the light




and gives lots of food for everything to eat.




God’s voice thunders wondrously in the heavens.



He does many great things we can’t understand and don’t know about.





He scatters clouds across the sky.




He makes many tiny beautiful snowflakes and sprinkles them on the earth.





Be still, Job, and think about all the wonderful things that God does.






He is so amazing