King David gathered men to get the stones and wood ready to build the great house for the Lord God.

He told the people, My son, Solomon is very young and this house for God must be very grand.

David told his son, Solomon, It was in my mind to build this great house for the Lord God, but the Lord told me no, because I have had many wars and killed many men in battle.


The Lord told me that you would build this house. You will have rest while you are king because the Lord said He will give you rest from all the enemies around you.




The Lord said that He will give you peace and quietness when you are king.

And you will build this house for His name. He will be your Father and you will be His son. And you will build this house for Him.



The Lord will set the kingdom firmly in your hand for ever.




So the Lord be with you, my son and make everything you do good.




And the Lord give you wisdom and understanding to do everything like He says.






Be strong and brave.






Do not be afraid.


I have saved up all this gold and silver and wood and stone to make this great house for God.



And there are many workers ready here to do this work.




David commanded his leaders to help his son build the house of God.



And David said to Solomon, The Lord is with you and has quieted all the kingdoms around you




so set your heart to seek the Lord your God with all your heart.






Get up and build the special place to bring the ark of His promise and the special things.

When David was old he made his son, Solomon, king over Israel, because Solomon was the one the Lord God said was to be king next in Israel after David.



David set men from the family of Levi who were 20 years old and older up to fifty years old to do the work at God’s house.



They all took turns at their jobs and did everything in order so it was easy for everyone.



The nation did what God said and all the people of the nation were very happy.





The Lord God gave rest to his people from the trouble of the bad ones.



And the people thanked the Lord God with songs and presents and lots parties at His house.