Job’s first friend talked about all the many things God does, so many wonderful things that we can’t count them.






He gives rain for the fields and lifts up people who are low and makes sad people safe.




He said how the Lord keep bad ones from doing bad things





and catches people in the traps that the make for others.



He told how God keeps people safe from bad ones and from people who are too strong for them.





He told how God corrects people so they can be happy.





He told Job, don’t hate it when God (who has all the power) corrects you. He will heal you.




He saves you by giving you food when there is no food in the land.






         In war




the Lord shields you to protect you from swords or anything hurting you.




He protects you from people saying bad things about you.


The Lord makes you so safe that nothing can make you afraid. You won’t fear lions or tigers because God will make them calm around you.




Your home will be quiet and nothing bad will happen there.






You will have many children





and God will make them great.




You need to know these things Job and it will do you good

(This friend was wrong because he thought Job didn’t know these things about God and that Job had done something wrong and that he hadn’t talked to God about it.)


Job told how sad he was and said that God shot His arrows into him and said that he was so very scared.




Job asked to die so that he wouldn’t be hurt anymore.




He said, I am not strong enough for this.






I haven’t hidden the words of our Holy God.


He told his friends, You should be kind to me and feel sorry for me. I didn’t ask you to help me or give me money.

Show me what I have done wrong and I won’t do it anymore. Right words have great power but you haven’t said anything that helps me. Your words just blow over me like the wind and dig a pit to bury me.




I know what is right and I didn’t do anything that is wrong for this to happen to me.






But my days run by fast and worms are on my skin.



When I lay down to sleep I toss and turn about and bad dreams come and scare me.



I am talking because I am so upset and don’t understand why this has happened to me. I hate my life now; my life is very heavy; I wish I were dead.

Why won’t God let me alone for a minute. What is man that You make such a big deal of him?



If I have done a bad thing, why don’t you forgive the bad thing like you promised so my life will be good again.




I am going to sleep in the ground and you will never find me again.