Then the people gathered together and read the words from God and told God the things they had been doing that were wrong,




and sang songs to love Him and thank Him for everything.

The leader said, Stand up and put happy thoughts from your heart on the Lord our God always and forever.




All that You are is the best, highest above everything that is high.





Only You control everything everywhere.




You made heaven and the heaven above the heavens





and the world and everything in it





and the seas and everything in them.







You keep them all alive







and all the ones in heaven






are very happy






and bow down only to You.



You are the Lord who brought Abram out of his homeland and changed his name to Abraham and found that his heart is only to You



and made a deal with him to give him all this land, the best land in the world.






You have done what you said. Only You do everything right.

You saw how hard the Egyptians worked us as slaves and heard when our people cried out to you at the Red Sea.



You showed wonderful signs to Pharaoh and all his people that you are God.





You knew that they were puffed up against Your people. You showed how great You are so that everyone knows it.







You split the sea apart so Your people could walk through the sea on dry land.

But those who hurt Your people You threw into the deep water





like a rock sinking to the bottom of the ocean.







You led in the daytime in a tall pillar of cloud





and at night You led them by a pillar of fire to give them light.







At Mt Sinai you came down from heaven and told them Your right ways and laws.





When they were hungry, You rained bread down for them from heaven.




And when they were thirsty you brought water out of the rock for them.


And You promised to take them into Your special land to live; the land you promised to give them since the days of their fathers.





But they turned away from You and made their necks stiff





and wouldn’t listen to Your words.

They stood strong against doing what You said and were going to turn around and go back to being slaves in Egypt.