Next time the sons of God came to visit at God’s throne,




the bad one was there with them again to show himself to the Lord.



The Lord asked the bad one, Where have you come from? The bad one answered, I have come from ruling the planet called Earth.

The Lord said, No, My servant Job is there. You don’t rule over him. He is the best one on earth. His heart knows about me and he does everything like I want. He honors me (not you) and turns away from everything you say.


He’s still standing strong trusting Me, though you caused me to let him be hurt for no reason.

The bad one said, Skin, all that a man has he will give to save his own skin, his life. Reach out and hurt his body and he will yell bad things right in your face.


The Lord said to the bad one, OK, he is in your hand, but don’t take away his life.



So the bad one went out from the throne of God and made Job very sick with big ugly hurtful blisters




from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head.





Job took a broken piece of a pot and tried to scrape the sickness off and he sat down in a pile of the ashes left from their fires.



His wife came to him and said, Why are you still being good? Yell at God for all this and die!

Job said to his wife, What? You are talking like a woman who doesn’t know anything? Are we going to enjoy all the good stuff from God





and then turn away from Him when He allows a little trouble?



When all this happened Job didn’t let one bad thing come out of his mouth.

When Job’s 3 best friends heard what had happened to Job, that all his stuff was gone and he was very sick, they came to be sad with him and help his heart not feel so bad.

When they saw him from far away they tore their clothes too and put dirt on their heads and went

and sat with him for 7 days and 7 nights without talking at all because Job was so sad.

After this, Job started to talk. He said bad things about the day he was born and wanted it to not have ever been. He told God not to look at that day or shine light on it






or let the stars shine that day




or let the sun come up that day.


Job’s first friend said, Will it be ok if we talk to you a little bit? We can see how sad you are.




Your words have been kind and helped others and made them strong.




Bad things happen to the people who do bad things.





(They thought Job had done a bad thing for this bad stuff to happen to him,





but God had said that Job was most right on the earth.



It was the bad one, trying to break Job’s trust in God.)




A secret thing was told to me






when a spirit passed by me, I heard a voice say, Can man be more right than God?






He does not trust his servants or His angels, so why these little men who walk around in houses made of earth’s dust?