In His book, Lord God tells the good and most important stuff most, so His people will remember and be the most happy people in the world.


When the Philistine army fought against Israel,






King Saul and his sons were killed.



And the soldiers of Israel ran back to their homes.


King Saul died because he did not do what the Lord God said and because he asked a bad one what to do instead of asking the Lord God.



The Lord God gave the kingdom to David because David would do what the Lord God said and take good care of God’s people, leading them into God’s good blessings.


When the people of Israel heard that Saul, their king, was dead, they all gathered to David to make him their king, because the Lord had said to David when he was young that he would be king and would feed God’s sheep the good bread for their hearts.

David would teach God’s people about their God who loves them so much and would save them from all their troubles and give them great blessings.


First thing, when David was made king over all of God’s people, he went to the strongest enemy city and conquered the worst of the bad ones that lived in God’s land.


King David had many mighty warriors and the Lord God was their strength and fought their battles for them.


One day David was thirsty and wished for some of the cool water in the well at Bethlehem.


The enemies, the Philistines, had a strong army there, but 3 of David’s best fighters broke through the line of the enemy and got David a jar of the pure, cool water from the well at Bethlehem.



When they brought the water to David, he wouldn’t drink it but gave it to the Lord, because the men had risked their lives to get him the water.

But David knew that only God is worthy. He is the one who made this wonderful world we live in and gives us our life each day and keeps us breathing and gives us all the stuff we like and the fun we have.

When David was still hiding out from king Saul, a lot of the people saw the bad things that Saul was doing and went to be with David because they saw that David was doing what the Lord God said was right and not following the bad ones.







When some of Saul’s top generals came to David, David said,



If you come in peace to help me, then my heart will be with you.






But if you come to give me to my enemies, God will not let you,





He will help me because I’m doing what He says is right.



God’s Spirit came on the top general leading them and he told David, We are on your side. Peace be to you.


More and more people kept coming to David so that he had an army as big as God’s army in heaven.


These many soldiers came to David in Hebron to make him king after Saul was dead.





They all came with the same heart, To make David the king over all Israel.





They stayed 3 days having a big party.





People brought food for them from all over 





and they were very happy.