Jehoshaphat had lots of sons, and before he died, he gave them lots of property and riches, but he gave the kingdom to his son named Jehoram.




Jehoram followed the bad one and did many bad things.







God didn’t let him be king very long, only 8 years.

But God kept David’s family as kings in Jerusalem and over Judah even if they did bad because He promised David. And the Lord God always keeps His promises.


The kingdoms around the Lord’s people turned away from them and made kings for themselves because they turned away from the Lord God who made them.


The Lord God said the Jehoram, because you turned to the bad ones that only cause bad and hurt, I will hurt you and what is yours.

Because Jehoram turned against the Lord who made him and blessed him, the Lord brought against him two mighty kings from other nations with their armies.





They had a bad war. Those kings broke down the walls and took their stuff.




Then the king got real sick and died.





The people didn’t honor him when he died.




They were glad he was gone because he brought much trouble to them.

The people who lived in Jerusalem then made Ahaziah, the kings last son, king because all the other sons had been killed in the bad stuff that happened.


He was only king for one year and he did bad stuff too because the bad men that were with his father told him what to do and it was from the bad one.

Ahaziah was hurt in battle and then he died. God saw to it that he died because of all the bad stuff on God’s people that he was causing.




When Athaliah, Ahaziah’s mother, saw that her son was dead she killed all his children so that she could be queen and rule over the people.





But when she was killing the children, a daughter of the king took the littlest baby and hid him from Athaliah.






She hid the baby with her husband, the Lord’s priest,






at the house of God.






Athaliah was queen over God’s land, doing much bad for six years.




When the baby grew to be 7 years old, the priest took the boy and showed him to the people and they made him king and took away bad queen Athaliah.

They people were so happy that the bad queen was gone and the right king was crowned that they cheered and cheered.



Then life from God was good and happy when the bad queen was not doing bad anymore.