There was a man whose name was Job. He was a good man. He honored God the right way




and always turned away from thinking bad things or bowing down to the bad one.



The Lord God had given Job 7 sons and 3 daughters and 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 pairs of oxen to pull carts, 500 donkeys and many, many people who worked for him. He was the greatest man who lived in the east.

Job always offered the gifts that tell of God’s love for his children in case they had done something wrong toward God, so nothing bad would happen to them.

The day came in heaven at God’s throne when all his sons came from around the universe to visit Him.





The bad one came too.





The Lord said to the bad one, Where have you come from?





The bad one answered, From ruling over the planet called Earth.


The Lord asked him, Are you sure? What about My servant Job? There is no one like him in the whole earth. He honors me well and turns away from every bad thing you try to do.

The bad one said, Job only honors you because you protect him. You put your shield around him and all of his stuff so no one can get through to touch him.




Let down your shield so something bad happens to him and he will curse you right in your face.




The Lord said to the bad one, Okay, I will allow all that Job has to be put in your power for a time, but do not touch Job at all.



So the bad one left the Lord and went to earth to hurt Job and try to get him to stop trusting the Lord.

The bad one sent raiders to take all Job's  cows and donkeys, and to kill all his workers. He only left one worker alive to go tell Job.




The bad one sent fire from heaven that burned up all the sheep and workers. Only one was left to go tell Job.


Another band of raiders took all the camels and killed all the workers except one who went to tell Job.

Job’s children were having a big party at one son’s house and a big wind came and blew down the house on the sons and daughters and killed them all. Just one worker was left to go tell Job.




When Job heard all these bad things





he tore the clothes he was wearing

and shaved all the hair off his head because he was so sad and he fell down on the ground and took his heart close to the Lord God





and said, I came into this world with nothing and I will go out of it with nothing.







The Lord gave me all those things and the Lord has taken them away.




He is still the best and most wonderful and greatest.



With all the bad things he did, the bad one couldn’t get Job to say anything bad about the Lord.





Job still trusted and loved the Lord God.