At the party the king asked Esther, What is the thing that you want?




I will give you anything up to as much as half of my whole kingdom.

Esther told the king, If you are happy with me, come to another party that I will make for you and Haman tomorrow. Then I will tell the king what I am asking for.



When the party was over Haman was really happy and puffed up. But when he passed by Mordecai, and Mordecai wouldn’t bow down to him, all the happy thoughts were gone and he got really mad.

He went home and called all of his family and friends to him and started bragging about himself and how important he was




and how much gold and silver and property he had





and all the children he had






and how important he was to the king




and how even queen Esther had invited only him to her party with the king.





He said to them, But  none of that makes me happy when I see Mordecai sitting there and he won’t bow down to me.




Haman’s wife said, Then make a hangman’s stand that is 50 feet high, and tomorrow, have the king hang Mordecai on it. That will let everyone know what happens when people won’t bow down to you.





Haman was happy with that plan and had the hangman’s stand built.







That night the king couldn’t sleep




so he called for the book of the records to be read to him.




In the book it told of how Mordecai had saved the king when two of the king's servants wanted to hurt the king.






The king asked, What honor was done to Mordecai for this? He was told, Nothing was done for Mordecai.




So the king asked, Who is in the court? Haman was there so they brought Haman to the king.




Then the king asked Haman, What special thing can we do for someone the king wants to honor?





Haman thought in his puffed up heart, Who would the king want to honor more than me? So he told the king what he would want.







He said, Let the royal clothes be brought that the king used to wear and put them on the man





and then bring the king's horse.





And put the royal crown on the man’s head

and have one of the king’s most noble princes lead the man on the king’s horse through the city saying, This is what will be done for the one the king delights to honor.





So the king told Haman, Hurry! Take the clothes and my horse and the crown and do what you said for Mordecai, the Jew.