The Lord kept on talking to Job out of the whirlwind because that is what Job asked for when all his troubles were so bad.




The Lord asked Job, Can you put a hook in the great dragons mouth?






Will he beg you with soft words? Will you play with him like a bird?






Try to touch him,


or fight with him, and if you live, you won’t try to touch him ever again. Doesn’t just looking at him make you seem very small and scared?



There in nothing in the world so fierce as him (and I made him) so then, who can stand up before Me?

Who has gone ahead of Me, that I owe something to him? Every thing under all of heaven is Mine, it all belongs to Me.

I will not hide from you how amazing the dragon is. How perfect I made him, how perfect his power is.





Can you open the doors of his mouth to put in a harness to control him?

His scales are what he is most happy about. They are so close together that nothing can get through, not even any air can come between them. They stick together so tight that nothing can split them apart.






His sneezing makes light



and when his eyes open its like the sun coming up in the morning.




Fire and sparks come out of his mouth




and smoke comes boiling out of his nostrils.




His breath lights fires and his neck is mighty strong.






His heart




is hard as a rock, like the millstone that grinds the grain.





When he stands up, the mighty warriors shake with fear.





They are so afraid that they forget everything and hide behind Me.




He bats away arrows and spears and swords like they were straw. He laughs when you come at him with a spear.




He shakes the sea when he just wiggles around a bit, it stirs up like a pot about to boil over.





He leaves a shiny trail behind him when he walks around. There is nothing on earth like him. Nothing can make him afraid.






He is the king over all the puffed up ones.

Then Job said to the Lord, I know that you can do everything and that no one can hide from you even one single thing that we are thinking.


I said things I didn’t understand. There are many things too wonderful for me, I did not know.






I heard about You with my ears, but now my eyes see You.





I hate myself and turn back to You only.

After the Lord was done talking to Job, he said to Job’s first friend, I am angry with you and your two friends because you didn’t say what was right about Me like My servant Job did.

So now, take the presents that tell how much I love you and go to Job. Give me the presents and Job will pray to Me for you, so that I don’t do to you what you did to him. I will listen to him and answer him.

So the three friends did what the Lord God told them to do and the Lord answered Job’s prayer and kept them safe from the bad stuff that they deserved for not helping, but hurting Job when he was in trouble.

The Lord God stopped all the bad ones from doing bad things to Job when Job prayed for his friends who had hurt him. God put His wall of fire around Job so the bad ones could never touch him, ever again.






The Lord gave Job two times the stuff he’s had before the troubles.

Then all Job’s brothers and sisters and friends came to him and ate food with him in his house and comforted him about all the trouble that the Lord had put on Job.



And each one gave him a piece of money and an earring made of gold.

So what happened to Job at the last part of his life was two times better than the first part of his life.




The Lord gave Job 14,000 sheep,






6,000 camels,






1,000 pairs of oxes,





and 1,000 girl donkeys.






The Lord gave Job seven more sons





and three more daughters.






Job gave his daughters beautiful names because there were no daughters more beautiful in all the land.


One daughter was named 'visions of bright shining' because Job had seen parts of the Lord’s bright shining.

And Job lived 140 more years and saw his children have children and those children have children and those children have children, four times.








Then Job died, old and very full of happy life and days.