So Haman had to take the king’s royal robes and the crown and put them on Mordecai and then he put Mordecai on the king’s horse and led him through the streets of the city shouting loud, This is what will be done for the man the king delights to honor.


When Haman was finished giving Mordecai all the honor that he, Haman, wanted for himself, he ran home quick with his shirt covering his head because he was so so embarrassed.




He had barely told his wife what had happened to him


when the king’s men came to get him for Esther’s next party.

At the party, when they had finished eating, the king asked Esther, What is it you desire that I give you? Whatever it is, I will do it for you up to even giving you half of my kingdom.




Esther said to the king, If you are pleased with me, and if it pleases you, let my life be given to me





and the life of my people,







for we have been sold to be killed, all of us.




If we were just being sold as slaves, I would not ask you.





Then the king said to Esther, Who would dare, who would even think in his heart to do such a thing?







Esther said, The enemy is this bad man, Haman.






Haman got so scared.



And the king was so angry that he went out in the garden walk around to cool his anger down.


Haman fell down on the couch before Esther to beg her to save his life because he saw that the king was mad enough to kill him.


When the king came out of the garden he saw Haman fallen on the couch and thought he was trying to hurt her.






Then the king’s guards put a cover over Haman’s face and took him away.




One of the king’s managers told the king, Haman built a hangman’s stand 50 feet high for Mordecai.



The king said, Hang Haman on it. So Haman was hanged with the very rope that he set up for Mordecai;



God made the bad the thing that Haman planned to hurt Mordecai happen back to Haman instead.






Then the king was done being mad.




The king gave all Haman’s property to Queen Esther






and the king gave Mordecai the king’s ring.




That meant that what Mordecai said happened; Only the king himself was greater than Mordecai in the kingdom.





Then Esther went before the king in his court again and he held out the golden ruling stick to her again.




She said, If you like me, and if it seems right to you, please stop the killing of my people all over your kingdom that will happen on the day Haman set.


So the king sent letters in his name and sealed them with the kings ring that the Jews were to gather together and fight for their lives against anyone who came against them or their children on the set day.





They could even take away their stuff.

When the set day came that Haman had set to destroy all the Jews, the Jews were strong and overcame their enemies that tried to kill them.






Then they were safe.




By God’s answering Esther and Mordecai and the people's prayer, their enemies were destroyed instead.



The bad thing the enemies planned to do to the Jews happened back to themselves.





Then Mordecai and Esther set that day to be a special day for the children of Israel to be remembered and have a big party for every year forever,

to remember how the Lord God saved them from their enemies and turned the whole bad thing around to be a good thing for Israel.



Mordecai went out from the king wearing royal clothes of blue and white with a great gold crown on his head






          and a fine purple coat.


The king made Mordecai very great in his kingdom, next to the king himself in power and riches.




The God's people everywhere were full of happy joy






and made a big parties.




Many people in the land became God's people themselves because they were now afraid of the God's people.