Job’s second friend said, How long are you going to say things like this? You treat us like dogs.




Shall God stop everything else He is doing to come take care of you?






God puts out the light of the bad ones.




They throw themselves down, they walk into their own traps.




They are always scared and hungry. They can’t grow in the world. No one will remember their name.


They will be chased out of this world without any sons. This is what happens to the ones who won’t turn to God.


Job answered his friend and the talk went on with Job telling how bad his troubles were and the friends saying it was his fault.



Job said, O how I wish that my words were written down and printed in a book, carved on a big rock with an iron hammer to last forever.

   I know that the One who has rescued me lives


and He will come back to this world and stand on this earth in the days that come at the end.

After I am dead, I know that I will be in my body and I will see God. These eyes, my own eyes, will see Him. He will make everything right.

Then Job’s third friend talked again, telling what he thought, but none of the friends knew what was really happening, that the bad one had challenged God about Job and Job was standing strong.




Then Job’s first friend talked again and said, You have been very bad and done very bad things. If you turn back to God, He will lift you up and protect you and hear your prayers.


Oh how I wish I knew where I could find God. I would go talk to Him about this. I keep looking for Him in my heart but can’t find Him.


But He knows everything about me and what has happened to me. When He finishes cleaning the bad stuff out of me I will be shining like the best gold.




I have not stopped following Him or trusting in Him.



I think listening to His words is more important than eating.





He is only trying to do one thing and that is the most important thing. He does everything for me that needs doing.




Then Job’s second friend said, Rulership and honor are with the Lord God.




He makes it all peaceful and quiet in the high places.





His armies are too many to count.






His light shines on everyone.





We are so little? How can anyone be right with Him?


Then Job said, As long as my breath is going in and out of me, I will not say bad things.




I have done no wrong to deserve all this and I will never agree with you.


The Lord gives many good things to the bad ones, many children and much good food to eat. But in time, bad things will come to him.





The Lord tips over the mountains if He wants


and causes the rivers to go where He wants. But who can find the place where good thinking is found?





You can’t buy it for gold or silver or crystal or coral or pearls.


The price of good thinking in a man’s heart is far above the price of rubies





or topaz from Ethiopia.


Only God understands where to find right thinking because He sees all the ends of the world and everything under heaven.





He weighs the wind




and measures all the waters of the world




and made a place for the rain and the lightning.





Look, only holding God high in your heart is the wise and right thing







and to turn away from everything bad and the bad one, that is good.