When Ahaz was done being king, his son, Hezekiah, was king. He was 25 years old when he started being king and was king for 29 years.



Hezekiah did right in God’s eyes. In his first year of being king he fixed the house of God




and started doing things God’s way again.

He told the priests and helpers at God’s house and the people, Our fathers did bad to God and turned away from Him so He was angry because He is the One that made us; and all life and good thing come from Him.





When the house of God was all cleaned out and the priests got ready to serve God, Hezekiah called all the people together and they had a big party






holding God high in their hearts




and doing the things that show how much God loves us.

They sang beautiful songs of love to God and bowed down to Him and thanked Him for their lives and how much He loves us, and all the good things we enjoy everyday.

The king sent letters to all Israel, both the north part and the south part, wanting the people to come back to the Lord God and thank Him and ask Him to help the people be kind to God’s people who had been captured and taken away from their special land.

But in the north country the people laughed and made fun of king Hezekiah and the people of the south part.





But some people came and they had a big party to the Lord God.


So king Hezekiah prayed for them that God would forgive them. And the Lord did forgive them and no bad thing happened to them.





The people were very happy





and sang loud songs to God each day.

They had such a special time that they stayed at God’s house and prayed to Him and sang to Him for seven more days after the first seven days.


The whole city of Jerusalem was filled with great happiness; so big that it came up to God’s house in heaven.

After the big party was over all the children of Israel that were there went through the country and smashed to powder the statues of the bad ones that people had been bowing down to.

King Hezekiah set up God’s right ways to worship Him again as the Lord God had said to do when He first brought the children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt.

The people brought presents to the Lord God and there were big piles of holy things given to God.

The king sent men out across the country to teach the people God’s ways. Men gave themselves to serve God and their families had plenty to eat and wear and keep warm because of all the big piles of presents brought in by the people to give to the Lord God.

After these things happened a bad king sent his great big army to hurt God’s people. He told them lots of big lies about the Lord God and tried to steal the people from God for himself.




But the Lord God sent an angel who destroyed the great big army.



Because the Lord did this, Hezekiah was very big in the eyes of the other nations around the world.







They brought him lots of presents.





Then Hezekiah got sick and was going to die.





But he prayed to the Lord God








and the Lord healed him.







The Lord gave Hezekiah a big sign that he would heal him.




The Lord turned time back for the whole universe.





But Hezekiah didn’t keep God high in his heart after this happened.







He got puffed up about himself in his heart.

But when Hezekiah was warned that he was doing a bad thing, Hezekiah turned his heart back to the Lord God and so bad things didn’t have to happen to the king and the people.