After Ezra and the people got back to Israel, Ezra found that God’s people had been mixing with the people that followed the bad ones and marrying them and having babies with them.

Ezra fell to his knees and reached up his hands toward God in heaven and said to the Lord God, I am embarrassed to lift up my head to You for our sins are so big, way over our head and it has grown as high as the heavens.

For all these big sins, since our father’s times, we have been taken by bad things but now You gave us life again in this special land.






But You did not leave us when we were in trouble but gave us your special love and help.





You told us not to mix with these people because then we will do the bad things they do.


If we follow only You we will be strong and stay in Your good land forever.

Then Ezra gathered all the people together at Jerusalem and unmixed them from the people of the other countries and made them promise to be to the Lord God only.