In the days when the children of Israel had been taken out of their land





to another land, called Media and Persia which covered most of the whole world then,


the king of that land made a big party for all of his leaders.







He showed them all his great riches







and the beauty of his majesty for 180 days.




They kept having the party in the king’s beautiful garden.


They were drinking wine, but they didn’t have to if they didn’t want to.




The queen’s name was Vashti and she was having a party for all the leaders ladies.







Vashti was so beautiful that the king called her in to the men’s party to show all the men how beautiful she was.




But she said, No! I won’t come. And she wouldn’t obey the king.


This caused a big trouble because the men said, Our wives are going to start saying ‘No’ to us too. What can we do about this?



So the king took Vashti away from being queen






and sent out letters all over his really big kingdom





saying that wives everywhere were to hold their husbands high in their hearts.





After this happened, the king wasn’t mad anymore





and he remembered and missed his queen.

His servants said to him, Let’s gather all the beautiful young ladies who aren’t married to the palace so you can see them and pick the one you like best to be your new queen.





The king liked the idea and said, Ok, let's do it.

There was a man who had been brought to the palace city from Israel who’s name was Mordecai. who was raising Esther, his cousin, because she didn’t have a Mom or Dad because they were dead.





Esther was very beautiful.

When the word came from the king to bring all the beautiful young maidens to the palace, Mordecai sent Esther with them to see the king.




Everyone who saw Esther liked her very well.






After a year of beauty treatments to make their skin soft and to smell good, each maiden went to see the king.

When it was Esther’s turn, the king loved her most, more than all the other women, so the king put did many good things her and put the royal crown on her head and made her the queen of his country instead of Vashti.

The king made a great party for Esther and for all his leaders and servants. He called it Esther’s feast.






And the king let go of debts in his country and gave the people gifts as many as he could.

When Mordecai had sent Esther to the palace, he told her not to tell that she was one of the children of Israel who had been captured from Israel in the war.




At that time Mordecai was one of the men who helped the king rule over the country.




One day when he was at work, he heard two men who were angry with the king making a trap to kill the king.








So Moredcai told Esther about it and she told the king and saved the king’s life.



The two men were caught and stopped from hurting the king and the report was written down in the king’s record that Mordecai had helped the king and saved the king’s life.