From the family of the man called Jesse a boy will come who will grow strongest of all.



The Spirit of the Lord will rest on Him and He will be most wise and understand everything




and be strongest to do everything right and tell us what is right and He will hold God the highest in His heart.

He will understand everything quick and won’t do by what He sees but by what the Lord God shows Him because the Lord knows everything.


He will just say the words and the best things will happen and all the bad will be gone away.

He will always do right and never leave us but stay true to us and be with us and help us.

When He comes animals won’t hurt each other or chase each other or eat each other but will be happy and play nice together.


Lions and lambs will lie down side by side in the field and leopards will rest beside baby goats without hurting them.





Calves and lions will walk together with little children leading them.




Their little ones will lie down together.






And the lions will eat straw like the cows.



Tiny children will play by the holes of the snake and put their hands down in the serpents dens and not be hurt.

There will be no hurting at all anywhere because the whole world will be full of knowing how good the Lord is, like the waters that cover the seas.

People from all over the world will come to the sign of this one and gather around Him.



And He will give everyone a great big wonderful rest from all the trouble that has been in the world.






He will go and gather all His people, the children of Israel, from all the places where they have gone.



The enemies will be gone and they won’t wish they were someone else anymore.



But they will hurry back to their homeland, the special land that God gave them.




The people of the other nations will carry them home and obey them.

God will make the sea of Egypt shallow enough to walk over and a good road will come from Assyria, like the time Israel first came out of Egypt.


In that day the Lord’s people will say how good God is. They will say, You were angry and turned away but now You have comforted me.

God always saves me so I will trust Him and not be scared.




For the Lord God is my strongness and my song.





You will always be filling me with happiness.




You are the best and we love You so much.





Ask God for what you need.




Tell all the good things that He has done.






Tell how amazing and high and good He is.



Sing to the Lord because He does the best stuff. All the world knows this.





Shout real loud about Him because the Special one in the middle of you is so very great.